Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Can't Wait #4 Avatar

Directed by The King Of The World
Starring Sigourney effn' Weaver, and who the eff cares else. Okay, Sam Worthington is the star, and Zoe "Uhura" Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez are there too, in unknown quantities. Plus... aliens? Thingamajigs? Something.
Synopsis Something about a marine in the distant future recruited to lead an alien race... I'm purposefully keeping myself vague, yo. I don't wanna know more than I have to.
Expected Release Date December 18th, 2009

JA: Unknown is the buzzword. Most of us "plugged-in" types have probably seen the blurry images here and there of what these alien figures look like, and I've been keeping up with it myself despite my better intentions of keeping myself as pure as possible for what Mr. Cameron has in store for us... what can I say, the man is torturing me with the vacuum of information. Too secret, Jim! Too secret! I'm like a drug addict here just begging for something, anything, to keep me from scouring for more and spoiling it all for myself here.

The man has a legacy of blowing ur effing minds to live up too, and he really seems to be trying to do just that. He'd reinvent the wheel if he could. He'd teach us all to walk again! He wants to impress, and so far his record stands. I'm dyin here.

Whitney: And isn't Avatar supposed to change the face of cinema forever? Some kind of 3D-extravaganza that we'll never recover from?

Fox: OK. So, this is getting grittier as hit the final five. First I shrugged at Nathaniel & Whitney's beloved Jane Campion in the # 5 slot, and now I gag at seeing Sigourney Weaver's name (I can't "eff"ing stand her) ...

Nathaniel: Who are you? Sigweavie and Cameron make sacred pair! Do not diss.

JA: Who hates Sigourney Weaver? How is that even possible? That isn't even possible. You're just trying to get a rise out of me now Fox, with your crazy words and nonsense riddles. Ho ho ho, I just laugh heartily at such shenanigans and move along.

Fox: Still, I admit to buying into the hype over Avatar. JA is right that Cameron is one of those directors who can actually shoulder the expectations of a million blockbuster seeking maniacs. Who would want that? Who could succeed under that pressure? I can't think of many, but if I had to bet on someone, I would give James Cameron the best odds.

Joe: Cameron comes off like such an a-hole that I tend to want him to fail (bizarre considering all the other a-holes who I want to succeed), and I can't imagine how Avatar possibly lives up to the hype, but that's the same thing everybody was saying about Titanic only louder, and he shoved that one back in our faces too.

--- > Cameron with actor Sam Worthington, who will probably be a household name by the end of 2009. He's a crucial figure in would be summer blockbuster Terminator Salvation, the lead in sci-fi epic Avatar and Keira Knightley's husband in the romantic drama Last Night. And they all emerge this year.

Nathaniel: Have you bought into the hype yet, or are you to jaded to care? And do you think Cameron can unite the movie trifecta again: public/critics/Academy?

In case you missed any entries they went like so...
We Can't Wait:
#1 Inglourious Basterds, #2 Where the Wild Things Are, #3 Fantastic Mr. Fox,
#4 Avatar, #5 Bright Star, #6 Shutter Island, #7 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
#8 Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, #9 Nailed,
#10 Taking Woodstock,
#11 Watchmen, #12 The Hurt Locker, #13 The Road, #14 The Tree of Life
#15 Away We Go, #16 500 Days of Summer, #17 Drag Me To Hell,
#18 Whatever Works, #19 Broken Embraces, #20 Nine (the musical)
intro (orphans -didn't make group list)



Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? JC - creates a whole alien world from scratch, in 3D, with SW. Just hope we actually see it in 2009.

Anonymous said...

I hope the top 3 are more interesting than the last couple of movies on the list.


Alex Constantin said...

This must be my #1, as I have both Aliens and Terminator 2 in my Top 20 EVER. He's an excellent director and his movies have a special gift that I've discovered only with Gone with the Wind: anytime one of his movies (Titanic, Aliens, Terminator, whatever) is on tv, I just CAN'T STOP WATCHING, even if I've seen it like 10 times.

Marshall said...

THE ABYSS remains my favorite James Cameron film, I hope the similar vibes I get from this (the alien designs mainly) aren't just wishful thinking.

Alex Constantin said...

I didn't really like the happy ending of The Abyss.

Glenn said...

To quote Meg Ryan: YES! YES! YES! YES!

My #1 definitely. I think I'll die if this isn't released in 2009.

Unknown said...

Please let Up! be one of the 3 remaining entrants or Ponyo on a CLiff By the Sea

Anonymous said...

James Cameron movie, starring Sigourney Weaver. I'd sell my family to see it.


anon 12:10 doing this list has reminded me that everyone has seriously different tastes of what is "interesting". I saw a poll on another site that listed TERMINATOR SALVATION as the #1 most awaited of the year (it didn't make any of our top 20s) and all I could think was what you type here


a McG film that's based on three other films and there's also a tv series... why is that so anticipated?

but i have to admit that despite the differences in taste -- i never expected that the return of James Cameron would prompt a "why this one?"

to each their own.

I guess i am a little disheartened that people have taken the rankings so seriously. The rankings to care about our thigns like top ten lists AFTER we've seen the movies. This is just an amalgamation of what 5 different people are curious about.

but i guess in the movie culture that's all based on youtube clips and teaseers adn trailers and not actual movies maybe people do care about "anticipated" more than actual cinema.

i've just been surprised at how angry people seem about the list.

Alex I didn't really like the ennding of The Abyss either but I do very much like the abyss. It says something about his filmography that it's so low in the ranking even though it's so good.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that this film is so high on the list. I hope Cameron has given 100% of his talent in this. Just a question (to myself perhaps). Is this just going to be a great thrill or it will be moving as well?

Anonymous said...

Did you guys know what IMDb links to this blog? It was cool to find out.

(in NewsDesk, behind Plot Keywords )


anon yes. thanks for noticing. the film experience is now a newsdesk partner with IMDB.

Anonymous said...

Occasionally there is a movie that comes out that is my equivalent of "appointment television", where I schedule vacation time out of the lab just to see the film. "Avatar" is likely the next in line.

I have no problem with auteurs who are jerks with egos the size of continental land long as they can deliver. Cameron fits the bill. (Is he dating the female lead yet?)

Jason Adams said...

Nat, you didn't tag this one with the We Can't Wait tag...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA "Sigweavie"


carl -- you funny. thankfully i don't think there's a female lead (and Michelle Rodriguez definitely wouldn't be into that if you know what i'm sayin') or else Suzy Amis would have to worry.

grodig -- that's actually what my friends and i called her in high school. ALL THE TIME. we rarely said all five syllables

ja --thanks. tis fixed

Carl said...

I got nostalgic, so I took a look back at this entry (surprisingly, now, "all the way down" at #4.) Yesterday, "Avatar" passed $600 million domestic, giving it the last of the meaningful all-time revenue numbers it did not already own. So, in answer to Nathaniel's question of whether Jim Cameron's opus could hit the public/critics/Academy trifecta, I would have to give the film a provisional "yes."