Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hump Day Hotties: Don't Hate Them Because They're Beautiful Oscar Winners

Does winning an Oscar make you more beautiful? Or do you already have to be sexy to win? A chicken and egg mystery for you to solve in the comments. Maybe all one needs to be beauteous is the right photographer and airbrushing? (Now it's a chicken / egg / omelette mystery)

Clockwise from left: Kate Winslet in Elle, Dustin Lance Black in Vogue,
Masahiro Motoki in White Room, Sean Penn in tie and Penélope Cruz
in only a bedsheet. Mmmm.

I'm asking because I'm still detoxing from all the collective beauty on Sunday.

And yes, I'm cheating a bit to include Masahiro Motoki who is not an Oscar winner. But he is the star of Oscar winning foreign film Departures and he was on stage next to the Oscar. And he did win the Japanese Best Actor Oscar for the performance. That said he doesn't really need the help of the beauty-by-statue-association, does he? Anyone who poses nude for photography books probably feels beautiful without shiny trophies. [Cinebeats has more Motoki enthusiasm]

Departures [official site] which swept the Japanese Oscars even harder than Slumdog Millionaire swept ours, is about a cellist (Motoki) who becomes an undertaker when he finds himself jobless, opens in the U.S. in May, distributed by Regent Releasing.

Here's the trailer, or "a" trailer at any rate.

recent hump day hotties
Penélope, Kate and Sean have all been featured in previous seasons (2008, 2007 and 2005 respectively)


Anonymous said...

Still scratching their heads: the people at Warner Brothers who were ready to dump Slumdog Millionaire to DVD until Fox Searchlight stepped in. Also: the people at Columbia who greenlighted a remake of All the King's Men with Penn and Winslet.


so true.

although when i heard that bit about Slumdog I thought IF ONLY... than Milk could have won "best pic" ;)

Lucas Dantas said...

ever since sunday i feel that my life won't be complete until i dustin lance black marry me.

yup, i'm loony about that when it comes to celebrity crushes.

John T said...

Woodstock-I had the exact.same.thought. I have a feeling he got a lot of numbers after that win.


after ?

adam k. said...

I had no idea that was Kate Winslet on the left there. Wow.

And double wow to DLB going all "model" on us. Will he be trying to act now? He's too glamorous to be just a writer.

But I have to say, I think Sean Penn is rockin' the hot even harder in his pic. REALLY really hot. I know Nick would agree.

adam k. said...

Nat, a lot more numbers might be a better way to put it.

Alex Constantin said...

I need to see more of that Dustin Lance Black photos!!! :) GIVE US A LINK!


alex. that is the photo. i did not cut off any naughty bits. ;) and if you click on the "dustin lance black" label i linked to the photoshoot in an earlier post.

Nick M. said...

I'm very, very anti-materialism, but--I'm not going to lie--if I went home with someone and they had an Oscar on their mantelpiece (or simply standing on the floor in the corner, or on the bathroom toilet) I would be very, very turned on.

Anonymous said...

re: beautiful Oscar winners-

yeah, sometimes that golden boy truely does manage to enhance an already ridiculously gorgeous individual. Lord help us when/if Michelle, Jude, Scarlett and Jake get their trophies.

While reading your entry, the first person who popped into my mind-interestly enough- was Kim Basinger. I mean, she's drop-dead gorgeous in real life. Drop-dead gorgeous in her winning role (no deglam trick there) but seeing her clutch that Oscar seemed to elevate her knock-out beauty to even further heights.

Also, the men don't look to shaby either when holding those famous gongs.

Anonymous said...

I think my favourite Penn pic of the season is that one that's part of the "great performers" photo series from the Times, where he's making a sandwich (!). :)

And for Penelope, my favourite pic would be, um, any and ALL of them.

I really liked VCB (I think my first words to describe it were "whimsically and deceptively simple"), but it's a no-brainer that she was like the crazy-sexy glue that bound it together, if that makes a semblence of sense.

Anonymous said...

Also, I love how the name of the main image is "Kateandothers.jpg".

Priorities, is all. :D

Karen said...

Kate Winslet looks pretty sassy there. And that Departures movie looks good.


ladeeduh... exactly. in all things there be hierarchy!

Anonymous said...

since Sunday Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech has stayed with me (loved it) but now that i saw that pic of him on the post, those uplifting thoughts have been replaced with naughty ones. don't normally go for the slim ones but DAHHHMM, a man with heart and body.
no surprise K.theG. looks like a goddess!

Anonymous said...

*went to stalk more movies that have Motoki Masahiro in them*

It's probably not too topic related... but that Motoki's nude photobook is pretty good XD.