Sunday, February 22, 2009

Red Carpet Lineup (Tilda Swinton x 16)

If you have any experience perusing gossip blogs you'll be able to pretend an intimacy with the wardrobes of various heiresses, reality tv stars and scientology's #1 kept woman. If you have any experience watching infotainment TV or reading magazines you'll know these electronic devices and paper products are basically stand ins for the walk-in closets of Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and various Desperate Housewives.

All of this misses the point. The only thing that really matters is what Tilda Swinton is wearing.

Here we see here in her various guises (from left to right) playing: Awards Goddess (jury president Berlinale), avant garde icon (at the premiere of Michelle Pfeiffer's Chéri. One would hate to have sat behind her), alien (Venice Film Festival), movie star (at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button premiere), international celebrity (at the BAFTA/LA shindig) and acclaimed actress (at the AFI fest).

People like to claim that celebrity culture is evidence of our global decline into shallowness and stupidity. But that's only because we obsess on the wrong celebrities. Obsessing on Tilda Swinton makes the world a better place.

Try it!

more for the insatiable Swintonites among you. The photo with *
is the night I stood right next to her . What will she wear tonite?



adam k. said...

Wow. Tilda Swinton really does wear amazing outfits. Seeing them all side by side is akin to the experience of having an orgasm while looking at a rainbow.

I love the "alien" one. Such an apt description. "Movie star" is also quality. Just classic enough to work in mixed company whilst also providing that unique Swinton flare.

adam k. said...

And how amazing is it still that she's an ACADEMY AWARD WINNER. And that she won it for a perf that deserved it. So awesome.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Tilda will be one of the higlights tonight ... The presenter list is unbelievably gross: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were photographed rehearsing with Hugh (vomit), and the Jonas Brothers are presenting best Song according to rumours ... This could be Snow White all over again.

Anonymous said...

How many hours until the ceremony? The site says 5 PT but what is PT? If someone could tell me for example "5 hours left" it would be appreciated.

Unknown said...

tilda swinton is awesome.


JIM T ... that might mean PST which is Pacific Standard Time. (i.e. California)

it starts at 8 EST here in NYC which means it's 7 hours away right now

Anonymous said...

Do we even know if Tilda is going this year, i think they've scrapped the tradition of presenting the award to the opposite gender. I bet they've replaced her for some kid from a high school teen vampire movie, because apparently they are all so much more interesting, intelligent, iconic and better at acting than Tilda Swinton! :(


what's more John... apparently Oscar producers think that people who like watching the Oscars actually care who the Disney channel stars are. More than they care about people like Javier Bardem, Marion Cotillard, Daniel Day-Lewis and Tilda Swinton. Which I find an odd belief (to say the least).

I think if Oscar is ever going to regain their currency they're going to have to learn to please movie fans first. Self confidence is a turn on and if Hollywood isn't selling the myth of HOLLYWOOD and the MOVIES at the Oscars... what the hell are they selling?

They aren't pleasing movie fans these days both with their staid Best Picture choices and their courting of teen singers over established movie stars... and if the movie fans lose interest who will ever care?

Dame James said...

Can we please give Bill Condon and company a chance and see the ceremony before we tear him to shreds over his new choices? Concerning the Disney crowd, all we know is that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are singing during the opening number and (possibly) the Jonas Brothers may be presenting an award. You would think it's the end of the world that they're allotting five minutes to a different demographic. Let's see what he has in store for us- it could be the greatest thing ever, who knows?- and if it's a disaster, okay, we can trash it in the morning and hope that next year they learn from their mistakes.


point: Dame James.

Anonymous said...

man face