Saturday, February 28, 2009

February. It's a Wrap

The shortest month of the year has gone bye-bye. It's always a crazy month with Hollywood's High Holy Night in the mix. In case you missed anything, here were my ten favorite posts from the month that was...

Ripley, Hanna and Maggie the Cat lounge at Big Daddy's estate

Movie Art: Aliens ~ I love finding weird internet treasures.
Colette ~ Someone ought to make a biopic of the wondrous author of Chéri
77 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Elizabeth Taylor's Birthday ~I hope she lives longer than Methusaleh. I love her more than you! Quit slacking. Rent some of her movies.
Amy Adams Interview ~Bless her for answering those Buffy questions.
9th Annual Film Bitch Awards ~the obsessive tradition continues.
Oscar and the Jesus Year ~ 33 year old Oscar winners.
Oscar Symposium ~I love doing this each year. Hope you enjoyed.
Breakfast with Thelma & Louise ~ 'I finally got laid properly!'
Doll House and Dollhouse ~movie dolls and Joss Whedon's return.
There is Nothing Like Two Dames ~Judi Dench and Jude Law (in drag) in Sally Potter's latest

Coming in March: Watchmen, Kristin Scott Thomas, Alice in Wonderland and Phoebe in Wonderland, British Actresses, Swing Time, the return of "Breakfast With..." and "Tuesday Top Ten", Se7en, pots of gold, Hunger and The Hunger, trips to and from Witch Mountain and another round of Actress Psychic.


Anonymous said...

Nat, we need more Dollhouse!!! Two (and pretty decent) episodes have come and gone!!! What are you thinking? Even a simple grade on the side like you did for True Blood would suffice. Please and thanks.

Paul Outlaw said...

Kristin Scott Thomas?!?


Q... i shall do something

PO... yes

Anonymous said...


Judi Dench and Jude Law (in drag) in Sally Potter's latest.

Sweet !

Paul Outlaw said...