Friday, February 20, 2009

Music Meme

I hesitated to play this intermittently popular game but I needed a movie break this morning. This game has a no cheating policy for the host -- what comes up when you click play on your iPod or iTunes is what you post no matter how embarrassing or strange (I cheated a little. I have a lot of stuff on my iPod that's not really songs per seor only clips or whatnot) and a no cheating policy for the guessers -- no googling the lyrics. You guess the song and artist from the first sentence "_____" indicates the title is in the first sentence and has been removed)

Wouldn't you know, that it's not really a movie break. At least six of them are from movies and a couple of others have movie connections.

Can you guess the songs from their first line?

01 "I stumble in the night, never really knew what it would've been like" "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by The Bee Gees guessed by Rizz
02 "______ brings sunshine to my house most every day. _____ brings her friends over to my house to play. "
03 "Is there a way out of this? If there is I don't see it. Can Heaven and Hell coexist?" "Dark Side of the Sun" by Tori Amos was guessed by Guy.
04 "Cover me with shades of disbelief. Can happiness be someone else's dream?"
05 "When the earth was still flat, and the clouds made of fire..." "The Origin of Love" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch as guessed by Garen. And lookie here. Original Hedwig star and creator, the all around brilliant John Cameron Mitchell (also of Shortbus fame), just performed it again last week. Very exciting. Here he is.

06 "______ porque estás como ausente, Y me oyes desde lejos..."
07 "When no friends can't be down, and my girl is out of town"
08 "Yeah, I, I got to know your name. And I could trace your private number, baby" "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive. Guessed by Dave. Apparently some mixes don't start with this line. But mine did ;)
09 "Gumsum gumsum gup chup, gumsum gup chup. Halchal halchal ho gayi teri, honth hai tere chup"
10 "You want all my love and my devotion." "One Night Only" from Dreamgirls as guessed by Noecito
11 "She said something like I wanna go down where the river's wild. He said take me then I want to drown deep in your violent eyes..."
12 "I gave up looking for a reason to live with things just the way they are. I came around. Used to be easy to get to. And they got to me just about every way"

13 "May god bless you and keep you always..."Forever Young" by Bob Dylan guessed by Lev.
14 "Marilyn Monroe ain't got no rock and roll. Ain't got the means to make a scene..."
15 "________ a minstrel show. It makes you laugh. It makes you cry. You go. It just isn't the same on radio. It's all about the makeup and the dancing and the Oh... " "A Pretty Girl is Like..." by the Magnetic Fields guessed by Hazel Shade.
16 "Hey, you Hov... Tell 'em! Hip Hop better ___. Yeah, turn the muh'****in' music up"
17 "Called me up today. Should've stood in your way"
18 "My daddy was a rag-time trombone player..." "Jazz Baby" from Thoroughly Modern Millie guessed by eDot and PoliVamp.
19 "Hey old friend let's look back on the crazy clothes we wore. Ain't it fun to look back to see it's all been done before..." "Come So Far" from Hairspray guessed by PoliVamp

20 "______ points the spire of the steeple. But God's work isn't done by God. It's done by people." "Up, Up, Up, Up, Up" by Ani DiFranco guessed by Deborah
21 "I was born a world ago on top of rocks and under snow"
22 "There was a time when I was in a hurry as you are. I was like you..." "Have You Never Been Mello by Olivia Newton-John guessed by Paul Outlaw
23 "Darling how can I stay here without you? I have nothing to ease my poor heart. This old world would seem sad, love, without you. Tell me now that we never will part..." Nobody guessed this one but it was EmmyLou Harris and here's Meryl Streep doing that same song "Gold Watch and Chain"

24 "_______ and her age stood still and she danced twice a day in the vaudeville" "Queenie Was a Blonde" from The Wild Party guessed by StinkyLulu
25 "I should write a song about you and all the shit that you do" This was "Crash and Burn Girl" by Robyn as guessed by Josh


E Dot said...

These are difficult!!!

Is number 18 from Thoroughly Modern Millie? Otherwise, I have no idea...

Anonymous said...

6 is a Pablo Neruda poem: Me gustas cuando callas, I don't know if there's a song out of it.
10 can be One Night Only from Dreamgirls. If it is I hope it's Beyoncé's version...

Rizz said...

01 is easy,
the Bee Gees...For whom the bell tolls
I miss the Bee Gees!
RIP Maurice!

Garen said...

These are guesses and I'm not sure at all.

#5 History of Love from Hedwig?

#13 I will always love you, I will guess the Dolly version

Garen said...

Origin of love, I meant Origin of Love!

Anonymous said...

13 - Forever Young by Bob Dylan

Unknown said...

5: "The Origin of Love," Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Anonymous said...

19 is "We've Come So Far (Got So Far to Go)" from Hairpray


Anonymous said...

Make that Hairspray instead of Hairpray.

Also, I was listening to that song as I was reading the lyrics. Does that count as cheating?


Anonymous said...

Oh, and 18 is Jazz Baby from Thoroughly Modern Millie. Partial credit to E Dot or I wouldn't have remembered that.


Agustin said...

19 is Come So Far, Got so Far to Go from Hairspray

- said...

The last one is so Robyn "Bum Like You," right?

Deborah said...

20 is Up, Up, Up, Up, Up by Ani DiFranco. I may have the number of Ups wrong but I don't think so.

Dave said...

#8 is 'You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)' by Dead or Alive. Which is weird because I've come across it about three times in the past 24 hours.

Dave said...

^ I hope that's right because listening to it now that's not actually the first line...

Anonymous said...

Noecito is right about 06. The music to the Pablo Neruda poem "Me Gustas Cuando Callas" was written by Mexican composer Blas Galindo back in the 70's, I believe.

Could #22 be Cat Stevens' "Father and Son"? I know it starts like that (or with something very similar).

- said...

Ah, right person, wrong song, oops!

hazel shade said...

Ooh, I know one!

#15: A Pretty Girl Is Like, The Magnetic Fields

StinkyLulu said...

#24: "Queenie Was a Blonde" from The Wild Party

Anonymous said...

How come no one's guessed #22 yet?
Olivia Newton-John's “Have You Never Been Mellow"!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ StinkyLulu:

Is your profile photo from A Place in the Sun? Anne Revere always seems like a cross between Mrs. Danvers and Carrie's mother in that movie. Scarier than both somehow.

Guy Lodge said...

Not too many Tori Amos fans in the house, obviously!

#3 is "Dark Side of the Sun." Like, DUH. (I kid, I kid ... these are pretty tough, Nat.)

Anonymous said...

#2 is "Alice Everyday" by Book of Love