Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Can't Wait #10 Taking Woodstock

Directed by Ang Lee
Starring Demetri Martin, Emile Hirsch, Liev Schreiber, Paul Dano, Kelli Garner, Imelda Staunton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Synopsis: Gay ol' Demetri and his life in the Catskills get caught up in the Woodstock hoopla in the summer of 1969.
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Expected Release Date
August 14

Ang Lee on set / author Elliot Tiber / Emile Hirsch on set

Joe: Ang Lee gays up another aspect of the modern American mythology. First cowboys, now the counterculture. Are we nervous about an unproven lead actor? Are we overestimating the gay factor?

Fox: I wonder how much Lee has to do to gay up of '60s counterculture in the first place. I mean, it was pretty gay already with the free love and all, right? Or, did the free love still kinda exclude the dude-on-dude action?

JA: It's Ang. I'm there. Also I'm hoping to find Emile Hirsch cute and appealing again, after being the only person who didn't think he was either in Milk. Win me back, Emile! If you wanna make out with Demetri in order to find my good graces, they do lay in that general direction.

Demetri in an Ang Lee movie is the funniest thing I've heard since I heard Demetri's last stand up. I'm always a little so-so on Mr. Lee, but I'm really interested in Taking Woodstock.

Nathaniel: I haven't read up much on this one yet (though info is mere pages away) but I like Demetri and the supporting cast is intriguing / strong. Most importantly, what I've found is that it doesn't quite matter what the theme, time period or milieu is, Ang Lee will find a way to burrow in under the skin of it and make it his very own. His Woodstock will soon be ours for the taking. And after Eat Drink Man Woman, Sense & Sensibility, The Ice Storm, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain and Lust Caution, why wouldn't we wanna take?

In case you missed any entries they went like so...
We Can't Wait:
#1 Inglourious Basterds, #2 Where the Wild Things Are, #3 Fantastic Mr. Fox,
#4 Avatar, #5 Bright Star, #6 Shutter Island, #7 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
#8 Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, #9 Nailed,
#10 Taking Woodstock,
#11 Watchmen, #12 The Hurt Locker, #13 The Road, #14 The Tree of Life
#15 Away We Go, #16 500 Days of Summer, #17 Drag Me To Hell,
#18 Whatever Works, #19 Broken Embraces, #20 Nine (the musical)
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Anonymous said...

OOH YAY! A new Ang Lee movie, his movies almost guarantee a memorable, intriguing experience. Hope this one is the same. I'm always surprised by how "removed" (not really sure if this is the word I'm looking for) he seems at first, but then the heartfelt emotions that play out. The Ice Storm has remained in my head since I first saw it, any man who gives THE GREAT CHRISTINA RICCI one of her best roles deserves attention. CTHD and Brokeback Mountain are in my Best of the Decade, well so far anyway.
Secret Shame: I have yet to see "Lust, Caution".

Anonymous said...



abstew said...

wow. when you see that list of ang lee films one after the other like that its pretty astounding. all great films and all so different. you think, well, of course this movie will be great. how could it not be?
but then i noticed that this wasn't the complete filmography. where's HULK? and let's not forget RIDE WITH THE DEVIL.
so, as long as green guys in purple pants and jewel aren't anywhere near TAKING WOODSTOCK we should we alright.

Marshall said...

Demetri is the only thing that makes me really skeptical, and I hope Emile isn't playing gay again, because his Cleve Jones was borderline offensive in a Jack Mcfarland sort of way.

Katey said...

"Gay Emile" was really the ringer in that poll... how can you vote against Cleve Jones!

I'm excited for this one, mostly because listening to Demetri Martin in a Fresh Air interview made him sound really intelligent and interesting. I was completely unaware of the gay angle until you guys brought it up, though, so I feel like that won't be too prominent.

Did you know that Demetri Martin is 35?!?!

Devin D said...

I cannot wait for this film. However, it feels like it could go either way. Really good or really... not so good. But then again, Ang Lee can do anything.

Anonymous said...




Someone is on her way to the Kodak Theatre

Lucas Dantas said...

although i'm not a fan of "brokeback mountain" i'm a fan of ang lee - i loved basically everything i saw by him. so i'm up for this.

Anonymous said...

loved the ice storm esp weaver in it my 97 supp actress winner obviously.


Anonymous said...

well, any ang lee movie is a cause of celebration, going to the cinema with this feeling is just wonderful.

but I can't understand why 'Broken Embraces' is under 'Watchmen', Nat. can you explain me why do you prefer a blockbuster to the new almodovar film????


lemontree... as stated before, this list is a collective list. It's the way i do it every year so that I don't just talk about the same 5 to 10 movies all year :)

so obviously almodovar, nine, and pfeiffer's movie were WAY up higher on my own list. But this is a collective list.

Anonymous said...

You've had me at "Imelda Staunton". :)

Anonymous said...

Dear jeebus, I LOVE Ang Lee but can he PLEASE make a film where the title isn't RIPE for the comedic media and homophobes to rip tacky gay jokes at the expense of what will likely be a good "should see" film.

Anonymous said...

There's an answer missing in the poll:

-anyway, always and forever

gabrieloak said...

Demetri does an interview about the film on AfterElton.com