Saturday, February 14, 2009

Twelfth Link

Charlie Rose speaks with Mickey Rourke at length about his storied career and The Wrestler's road to Oscar
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shares the Peter Gabriel dropping out of the Oscar news. I don't know how y'all are feeling about this but limiting the performances to only 90 seconds each is just another clue to me that the Academy has virtually zero interest in this category. Why not just cut your losses and cancel the category for future years. Especially since the choices year after year leave a lot to be desired.

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Topless Robot looks at the most dysfunctional superhero couples of all time. For Valentine's Day. Only two of these crazy romances have ever made it to the screen. You know which two.
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Film of the Month Club looks at The Three Caballeros. God, I haven't seen that in decades.
Film in Focus is finalizing a "who inspires you" contest by way of Milk
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Finally, did you know that Anne Hathaway will be doing Shakespeare in the Park this summer? She's doing Twelfth Night but Twelfth Night is not as kind to everyone as it was to Gwyneth Paltrow, you know? Twelfth Night in the Park is, are you ready for this, the same thing that Michelle Pfeiffer did immediately following her first Oscar nomination. The levels. The difference is that Anne is playing Viola and 'chelle played Lady Olivia back in the day. Here's hoping that Anne has an easier road with critics than Michelle did. That 1989 production is still cited as a terrible one in articles on New York's beloved seasonal event. Critics were not kind to the fresh Oscar nominee back in 1989.


gabrieloak said...

Anne Hathaway has a bit more stage experience than Michelle having started out in the theater, mostly musical theater, plus she has won acclaim for her stage work. Though I don't know how much dramatic work she has done in the theater. I do know she was fantastic in an Encores concert of Carnival a few years ago.

I saw Michelle in Twelfth Night in Central Park. It was clear she was uncomfortable on stage--she also seemed smaller on stage than on screen. It wasn't a terrible production, just not fantastic or memorable. That was during her Fisher Stevens years, LOL.

Meanwhile while Mickey Rourke keeps getting media coverage, it seems only the Carpetbagger is noting that Penn has an interview in Rollng Stone right now. It doesn't help that RS doesn't have the full interview online.

Anonymous said...

Helen Hunt also did Twelfth Night soon after her first nomination.



what is it with fresh Oscar glory and that play?

gabrieloak said...

Oh dear you just reminded me of Helen Hunt in Twelfth Night which I also saw. Hunt was kind of bland. Kyra Sedgwick was also in that lopsided production at Lincoln Center. There were some good moments in that production, though. It was directed by Nicholas Hytner. Paul Rudd was shown swimming in a pool wearing only a thong. I have that show on tape somewhere. I must go look at it now.

Sally Belle said...

I saw that Michelle Pfeiffer Twelfth Night! Michelle is NOT a stage actress! She was imperceptible beyond the footlights. Really...just vanished into the space.

Anne Hathaway, on the other hand. a stage actress would make a lovely, why is she playing Viola? How can they ever make her believable as a man? I know, a woman dressed as a man...but, it has to be believable.

The best Viola yet....Imogen Stubbs in the film version with Helena Bonham Carter. Exquisite!