Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oscar Predictions, Documentary and Shorts

There's always a certain degree of flying blind when it comes to predicting the less media saturated Oscar categories. Even if you manage to see all the nominated shorts, for example, (as I have in some years though not this one *sniffle*) there's still the mostly missing piece known as "buzz". Sure you'll get some ... a whisper here, an opinion there, but it's sparse and possibly laden with agendas.

But these categories interest me so I've finally thrown up the page that celebrates them. The first thing I noticed that had slipped my attention in the initial hysteria of Oscar reaction is that Ellen Kuras (pictured, left along with images from various short film nominees) is nominated for her directorial debut The Betrayal, about the history of a family who fled Laos after the US bombings in the Vietnam war. Ellen turns 50 this summer and she's been working on this movie for over 20 years. Can you imagine it?

Whether or not you know her name you owe her a thank you. She's contributed to one of your favorite movie memories -- I feel safe in assuming this -- one that you'd never want erased, since she was the brilliant cinematographer on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. So here's to Ellen's nimble visual acuity. Now I just have to figure out how soon I can see her documentary...

Documentary and Animated Oscar Categories
Final Oscar Predictions
Ellen Kuras's nomination in 2004 right here @ the FB Awards


Anonymous said...

If anyone's interested, Man on Wire is available on Netflix instant viewing.

Anonymous said...

Man On Wire is good but it is soooo overpraised. And I'm really disappointed that I missed Trouble the Water and shouldn't it be on dvd soon?
P.S. Oktapodi is soooo cute. You can watch that, Presto, and Lavatory-Lovestory on youtube.
I said "soooo" twice. That is revolting.

Anonymous said...

Last year, I went and saw all the nominated shorts in theaters and I was all pleased with myself, thinking that I'd finally get those categories right. And they picked my 4th favorite one in each category.

Brian Darr said...

Ok I have to brag. I got to congratulate Ellen Kuras and her co-director Thavi Phrasavath when I bumped into them at Sundance shortly after the packed, enthusiastic first screening of their film.

Hope you can see this soon, Nathaniel. As big a fan as I am of Werner Herzog, I will be disappointed if his film bests this and Man on Wire, both far superior films in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Does Laura Linney have an older sister? Ms. Kuras sure looked like her to me.

Damn...I still have not seen any of the documentary nominees. I will have to see what I can do about this. I think "Man on Wire" is still out. I remember watching news coverage of the event when it happened so I am curious about the backstory.