Wednesday, October 06, 2010

First and Last, 50 Year Old

first and last is a long running movie quiz about just what it sounds like it's about. Here's the first actual image...

or, if you prefer, the first post opening-credits image

and the (second to) last image ...prior to a close-up on the stars face so I can't show that!

and the first and last lines of dialogue if you still need help
first ~ [screaming] followed by "Look at me. Calm down. Calm down. What happened to the others?"
last ~ "Like a fifty year-old."
Can you guess the movie?

It's from 1992 and it's [highlight for the answer] UNIVERSAL SOLDIER starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. Remember that one? I'm surprised they haven't remade it actually.


Anonymous said...

This is "Universal soldier", obviously. Hehe!


i figured someone would have watched it too many times to not know. wasn't it a cable regular for awhile?

chris na Taraja said...

Because I was so completely stumped by that, you will have to do a bonus round to the last "first and last"