Friday, October 08, 2010

First and Last, Never Going Back

Here's the first actual image (pre-opening credits)

The first post opening credits image has a key celebrity face (star studded movie) so we won't use that. Here's the last image but try to guess without it as it's kind of spoilery. [click to embiggen]

first and last line of dialogue as another clue
first ~ "Check, charge or cash?"
last ~"Told you I'm never going back." "Yeah"
Can you guess the movie... and if you can did you need that last image to do so?

You are correct, sir. It's [Highlight for the answer]... HEAT starring AL PACINO, ROBERT DE NIRO, VAL KILMER and more... star studded.

more first and last puzzles. challenge your friends!



John P. said...


Timothy Marshall said...


Jack said...

Heat, and I didn't need the small pic or the dialogue to get it (aren't I clever :) ). I wasn't definite but it was the "star studded movie" reference that did it for me.


yeah. you guys jumped on that one.

Timothy Marshall said...

I'm not even a Michael Mann fan, but that ending and the bank heist scene are both excellent filmmaking.

cal roth said...

Second favorite American movie of the 90's, between The Bridges of Madison County and Husbands and Wives. It's a brilliant samurai movie.

JoeW said...

Heat. And no, I didn't need the last image or any of the quotes.

Rae Kasey said...

DAMN IT! I'm late but I JUST re-watched Heat like a week ago and I finally could have played!

Volvagia said...

Samurai?? If in the Melville sense, you've dangled the logic rope and hung yourself until you're dead right, friend.