Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First & Last, After You

first and last images from a motion picture.

and here's the first and last pieces of dialogue.
first: After you.
last: I prefer you, too.
Can you guess the movie?
This is the beloved classic called, you guessed it, [Highlight for the answer] HARVEY (1950) starring Jimmy Stewart and his invible friend who he happens to be talking to in both of those lines of dialogue included.

more first and last puzzles?



Dennis said...

I can't believe it. Am I really first? It's "Harvey"!!!

Volvagia said...

Love that movie. Personally think it's a better movie than Vertigo. (Performance though? Vertigo does contain James Stewart's best.)

Anonymous said...

The last shot made me think it could be "Our town". There's something William Cameron Menzies about it (the fake sunset, the perspective-forced fence...).


You got it DENNIS!

Andreas said...

HARVEY! Oh my God I love this movie! "I prefer you too"! I love that closing line!

Andrew R. said...

I love that movie, particularly Stewart and Hull's performances.

cal roth said...

I knew it! And I love it, too!