Tuesday, October 05, 2010

NYFF: A Summary

The 48th New York Film Festival screenings begin with a promo reel in which a graphic animated map of the world is formed. Famous director names are paired with their countries of origin in rapid succession until the entire globe is lit up as if powered by the cinema itself! It’s a simple—even subtly clever—way to remind us that cinema is a global artform and that the NYFF in dependably international in breadth and focus.

True to form, NYFF’s 2010 lineup comes from all over the globe, and opinionated movie fans—and what other kind are there in New York City?—are finding plentiful opportunities to rave, kvetch and argue over subject and execution throughout. Quibbling and instantaneous opinion wars are part of the informed collective joy of any film festival experience.

To get a sense of my basic feelings on this year's fest (me likey) and a bit more on The Social Network, Tempest, My Joy, and whatnot... More full length write-ups are coming if I can eke out the time.


adri said...

"The Tempest" looks so cool. How can it be as bad as people say it is? Is it bad like "Titus", which I liked? How can looking at Ben Whishaw as Ariel be dull? How can that cast and that script not be interesting? If it is awful, then it's an artistic feat of its own kind.

Dimitra said...

I just watched the trailer for The Tempest and it looks bad. Which is really disappointing, because I was really excited about it.

Aaron said...

Nat, I totally agree with you on your thoughts of My Joy. Saw it a week ago at NYFF and I thought the first (roughly) thirty minutes were purely fascinating, and i then it just went MAJORLY downhill from there. I thought the last hour was torture, and the ending was so bleak I just wanted to scream! Probably my least favorite movie of the festival (I didn't see The Tempest because I've heard it's terrible.)