Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Swan Raves

...not the review kind of "raves" so much as the dance-while-drugging kind.

Come to think of it Black Swan is almost a perfect movie for remixes and mash-ups. While it's rather electric to watch (and hear as remix) I do worry if it's maybe a bit "thin" in some crucial ways for staying power. The narrative focus is as tight as Natalie Portman's neck, which means that in some ways it wouldn't lose much as a short film*. It's pretty much just Nina For The Birds, everything else being out of focus**. You can't always trust your peripheral vision.

*Not that I didn't love it. I'm just thinking aloud.
**This is why I don't remotely buy the online enthusiasm for predicting Oscar nominations for the supporting cast, even though I liked most every performance in the film.  


Volvagia said...

That's the thing about the acting branch. The reason one man shows aren't loved is how many of the acting branch are supporting? 800? If the supports aren't noticeable, they're not going to vote on that film. 800 votes could be the difference between whether Black Swan gets in or True Grit gets in. Since True Grit is a Coen movie, supposedly there's going to be noticeable firework supporting acting that could send it over the top. (Though 127 Hours is dropping next time right? Not off, but down. $4.7 m is not exactly encouraging in today's market.)


re: 127 Hours. actually $4.7 is an admirable take when you've just barely started expanding. a $7000 screen average isn't bad either. not spectacular no, but not bad either.

it's only at 293 theaters. But maybe it will have The Kids Are All Right expansion problems. Too soon to tell I'd say.

Genesis said...

Has anyone noticed that Variety's 'Actors on Actors' has comments from more than 20 people and yet the ONLY one thata the magazines, media has published is Julia Roberts's comments on Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Must be nice to have her on your side, they acted like what other people had to say didn't matter at all.

Danielle said...

I know you don't give away your Film B*tch awards, but can you share your thoughts on Portman's performance? How much did you like it?

Just out of curiosity, what are your top 10 performances given by actresses who are currently 30 or younger? (If you don't want to spoil this year's, you don't have to include Portman in Black Swan or Williams in Blue Valentine.)

Andrew R. said...

Nate-What did you think of Black Swan's score? Does it rival Requiem or Fountain?

Anonymous said...

I, too, am dying to know what you thought of Portman's performance. You're being awfully cryptic which is understandable given the Film Bitch awards and everything but still... give us something! :-)

Philip said...

Gahhhh, I can't waitttttttt

rosecityjesse said...


What a way to whet my whistle, thanks!