Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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Nathaniel + Layers
in Frozen Iceland
Believe it or not -- but you should believe it! -- I made it a full week without the internet. Go Nathaniel! I didn't even use my iPhone but for texting to make sure the catsitting was going okay.

I'm glad to be back online but a detox was in order. The last time I went a week without staring at computer screens was... well... um... I... errrrr.... unh let's see now...


This was a strange challenge to give myself in Iceland of all places which prides itself on its connectivity; reportedly 97% of the population uses the internet which makes them the #1 country percentage wise, if not in total users. By contrast the US claims 77% penetration and the UK 82%.

But now I'm back to my life made by for through around inside fused with enslaved to and on the internet.

LINKS. Here's a couple handful to read while I write some new posts. And yes, I'll tell you 'bout my trip soon. I'll try to make it cinematic. And if not, I'll make it brief.

AV Club "Lights! Camera! Deconstruction!" on films that double as film criticism. Some unexpected choices but really interesting write-ups.
Tribeca Film "Awards Season Begins... When?" Some thoughts (from moi) on the always amorphous beginning of the season. FWIW, the NBR makes their announcement on December 2nd, just 15 days from now.
Awards Daily Palm Springs puts a checkmark in the Firth & Portman awards chart columns.
Pop Elegantarium dressed up her daughter for Halloween in a way you cinephiles will just love. Get those babies started on loving movies early! I meant to link to this weeks ago but isn't it awesome?

Multitudes of Harry
 Forbes "Highest Earning Female Entertainers". These lists always freak me out partially because the numbers seem so absurd. Most people could live quite comfortably for their entire life on 1/10th (or less) of what any of these women make in a year. Which is why it's kind of funny/surreal that online coverage of these lists is usually along the sympathy-seeking lines of "if only they could earn as much as the men!" Sandra Bullock is the only actress on the list, the rest being pop stars and TV hosts.
Stale Popcorn reviews Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 but more importantly, he expresses relief that a lot of very talented people will soon be free to explore new worlds: Stuart Craig and Jany Temime, you're about to be sprung from Azkaban!
My New Plaid Pants likes 127 Hours with the same approximate muchness as I.
Serious Film has some issues with some readings of Clint Eastwood's Hereafter.
In Contention looks at Jennifer Hudson in Winnie.

And y'all know I'm excited about The Return of Cher. Here she is -- it looks like she's about to lick her lips and break into song -- at the Burlesque premiere.

I know a lot of people think Burlesque will be terrible but I don't much care. Don't care how I get her. Just want her. It's been way too long. I'd link you to her new song "Welcome to Burlesque" but the links keep breaking.

Finally... Since I am now getting back to work
I must thank my two handfuls of guest bloggers who did a fine job while I was away. So thank you to TFE's regular weekly columnists: Robert, Michael, Craig & Alexa; frequent well loved guest stars JA and Jose; returning subs TimothyGlenn and Erich; and first-timer Kurtis from 'Your Movie Buddy' who I interrogated about Iceland before I left. A warm round of applause for all. If you click on their names, you can visit their own wonderful blogs.


Kurtis O said...

Looking forward to hearing about the trip!

Deivith Coast said...

Welcome back, Nathaniel!! I´m very glad you´re here again. I hope you have enjoyed your days in Iceland.

By the way, I´m so happy you have chosen Silkwood as your Crush of the Week, I love that movie and my crush of this month is being Cher (well she has been the crush of my childhood, early teenage years... I think I´ve been in love with her since I was born!).Cher is such an amazing actress , she has the light just a few have. I´ve been rewatching Mask, Mermaids, Eastwick, Moonstruck... And the next are Silkwood and Suspect. I adore Silkwood, I love Mike Nichols, Cher is great there and I think it is my nº2 favourite performance by Meryl Streep. Difficult to choose among my four favourites, I think they would be:

1. Postcards from the Edge
2. Silkwood
3. A Cry in the Dark
4. Devil Wears Prada

And I´d have to add her gorgeous work in Angels in America! So happy you´re here again! Next stop awards season!

stella said...

So glad you're back!

Filme Online Gratis said...

Welcome back !

jazz said...

welcome back!
here's an untagged video of welcome to burlesque on you tube that i filmed and uploaded at the Cher show in Halloween in Vegas so pardon the quality BUT YOU GET THE JIST! it's Cher

and it's amazing.
you haven't seen the last of me is pure spazz to! it's left all the Cher fans in TEARS! gosh i hope to death Diane Warren gets an oscar
and i will have a chergasm if the academy bring back the best original song performance and CHEr Sings or lipsynches that song.

anyway Nathaniel welcome back
and sorry for all the spam hhaaha it's CHER i'm excited!! lol
isn't it surprising that we can survive without the internet for a week?? lol


jazz said...

@deivith - RE Cher have you seen Faithful or Tea with mussolini? those need to be on the rewatch list.

and meryl?? we all love her. <3

jazz said...

@deivith - RE Cher have you seen Faithful or Tea with mussolini? those need to be on the rewatch list.

and meryl?? we all love her. <3

Kyle said...

Very glad you had a safe trip!

Just in case you missed it, the Green Lantern trailer is on-line

/3rtfu11 said...

Welcome home. Do the locals dislike tourists mentioning Bjork?

stjeans said...

yeah! your back!!

billybil said...

Welcome back! You in Iceland just calls out for a camera man, I think! Write it up and film it!!

Ryan said...

So I am planning on going to Iceland in the summer, any good tips??

Paul Outlaw said...

Welcome back, Nathaniel!

So tell me: was that weeping Diana in the banner from Mahogany or Lady Sings the Blues? (So embarrassing to have to ask, and please don't say neither one...)


Paul - lol. i think it was Mahogany but in truth i didn't double check. i was just look for photos of actresses weeping :)

Ryan - i'd say do an internet search for auroral activity before going on a NORTHERN LIGHTs tour. it's expensive but totally worth it if auroral activity is high. Not so much if it's low. (i had seen them before in Norway and they were spectacular but the views i got this time weren't so great for the money)

Volvagia said...

In case you missed it, the Red Riding Hood trailer is online. Looks cool. And the Green Lantern trailer looks so cheesy. The effects are awful. 2011: Another loss for DC.

To Keep track:

Since 2003 (when a contest could be counted on) here's the financial track record:

03: Marvel won
04: Marvel won
05: DC won
06: Marvel won
08: DC won
09: Marvel won
10: Marvel's winning

The artistic, though?:

03: Marvel won (Daredevil is a lesser dud than LXG)
04: Marvel won (Blade Trinity, Spider-Man 2 and The Punisher don't even come close to being as bad as the one thing DC released)
05: DC won
06: DC won (V for Vendetta v. The Last Stand
07: DC won (Stardust v. Spidey 3 and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer)
08: DC won
09: DC won
10: Marvel won (sorry, but in what universe is Red, The Losers and Jonah Hex a better artistic year than Iron Man 2 and Kick-Ass)

In essence: The issue is Marvel is almost entirely "superhero" where, if DC wants to, they can let their freak flag fly and expose a Vertigo, which is an automatic art win. Marvel? They just don't have a thick enough set of "grey morality" works.

Andrew R. said...

Welcome back.

19 Movies That Double as Film Criticism-Very strange choices, but I like it.

Black Swan Baby-This is brilliant if you think about it. Can someone remake the Black Swan trailer with baby ballerinas?

That would be awesome.

kiki said...

has anyone seen the "the social network directed by wes anderson, tarantino, del toro, etc." video on collegehumor? funnnny.

cal roth said...

Hey, welcome back!

Volvagia said...

Misses: 8 1/2, Sunset Boulevard, Hellzapoppin', This Film is Not Yet Rated. Stretches: Los Angeles Plays Itself, Inception, S.O.B (we get it Blake, you want to sex up Julie Andrews and are childishly critical that the producers don't want you to do that) and (especially for a modern audience) Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (censorship criticism is a Creaky creaky path to go down and if you cite something that criticises it, at least cite the one that takes down the modern censorship.)


volvagia -- i am not nearly Inception's biggest fan but i think it's not much of a stretch for that conversation. also don't get how DC is more "grey" than Marvel. Marvel originally made DC look retro by having flawed heroes while DC's top notch players were more like saints: wonder woman, superman.

Unless you're talking specifically about the movies. and also i haven't read comics in a long time so perhaps it's tilted in the other direction now.

Andrew R. said...

@Kiki-Yep, it's funny.

Volvagia said...

Currently, it has titled in the other direction, specifically due to the Vertigo imprint. Transmetropolitan, Preacher, DMZ, Fables, Sweet Tooth and that imprint of DC became the publisher of American Splendor at the end of his life. Icon, on the other hand, has still not stretched beyond pulp. (Yes, I think the Sorry, but it hasn't. Vertigo's not perfect (no studio is) but, still, if I was to say "who's more morally ambiguous" between the two companies, I'd say DC ostensibly because of the fact that at least Vertigo is trying to progress comics to go to dark places that are beyond "pulp" while although Icon is still "dark" it's, ultimately, a purely pulp darkness. (Today the fight essentially comes down to "who's speciality imprint is darker." Because I can't tell the difference between the levels exuding off the mainstream companies.)

Tim said...

Just wanted to say that it's fantastic to have you back, and thanks for giving me a guest slot!


thanks Tim!

Taylor said...

I have never loved your blog more than when I saw the Multitudes of Harrys caption. That's some gloriously obscure Sondheim appreciation right there. Unless I'm totally off base lol in which case, good job on your internet challenge!

Taylor said...

I have never loved your blog more than when I saw the Multitudes of Harrys caption. That's some gloriously obscure Sondheim appreciation right there. Unless I'm totally off base lol in which case, good job on your internet challenge!


Taylor -- you read correctly. I live for Sondheim.

Kyle said...

Volvagia...I dunno, have you seen the set pics for Thor? Green Lantern may need a little bit of work here and there on the effects, but Thor was just a bad idea from the get-go, and with Joe Johnston running Capt. America...well, more like ruining.

Volvagia said...

Thor at least looks all around good. It's much more opulent than we expect from such a movie, but that's kind of the point. Green Lantern has a lot of what looks to be extremely cheestastic CGI. Thor looks to be mostly sets and actual costume design. Joe Johnston doing Captain America, though? I never had any hope of it as an artistic success. But since DC only has the awful looking, likely Razzie contender (which hasn't happened to a comic book adaptation for 6 years) Green Lantern, Marvel has won both sides of the debate (artistic and commercial) YET AGAIN.

Alexa said...

Nathaniel, you make me want to detox in Iceland. But Andrew, now I will be obsessing over how to remake the Black Swan trailer with my little one!!

Burning Reels said...

Welcome back Nathaniel:)

Be very interested to hear your thoughts on Iceland - me and the girlfriend are considering going there sometime, so any pros and cons would be helpful!