Thursday, November 04, 2010

Open Thread (and brief announcement)

What's on your (cinematic) mind? We're always curious.

P.S. I'm working on behind the scenes stuff today. You may have noticed the "contributors" field expanding the past few days. I am taking my first ever real vacation starting next Tuesday. Nathaniel (c'est moi) will be offline actually (gasp!) for a week. I've never even tried that before. I'm so scared. A week without the internet? Aahhhh. When I get back I'll be completely rejuvenated and ready for the best season of Oscar coverage and year-end festivities ever. That's the plan at least.


stjeans said...

we will miss u & good luck!


well i'm not gone yet. maybe you'll be sick of me by tuesday ;D

RyanR said...

Where on earth are you going where you can't be on the internet??

Hopefully somewhere sunny and warm, it's pretty dreary right now in NYC.


RyanR -- i'm sure I "can" but I'm going to try to NOT be. My friends have sort of demanded i give it a shot for one week of my life. we'll see.

Jane Mines said...

Just a thought: I hope they do these actress roundtables every year. Last year probably would have been dull, but I would have liked to see them done in previous years.

fbh said...

1. I'm super excited to see Burlesque. I don't care of it's good or bad; it's Cher!

2. Just discovered that Tilda Swinton in Teknolust is on Netflix instant watch. I don't care of it's good or bad; it's Tilda (x4)!

3. I like the crying banner and I suggest, as you rotate, that you always keep a picture of Julianne Moore.

4. I'll miss reading your posts!

monkey said...

New Movie Idea

Logan Lerman
Paul Dano
Max Thieroit
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Emma Roberts
Me (lol)
Dev Patel
Rooney Mara
Shareeka Epps

A group of teenagers go through typical teen stuff Drug Abuse, Sexuailty, Abusive Parents, etc. While trying to finish high school.

What do you guys think would you cast someone else talk to me lol.

monkey said...

The title is "Dequinder High"

Andrew R. said...

I have plans to watch 28 Days Later (I meant to watch it Halloween weekend, but what was supposed to be a 2 hour trip into a different part of the city turned into a 6.5 hour trip-ugh) and Babe (I've only seen it once, and that was a long, long time ago).

Enjoy your vacation, Nate. (Surviving one week w/o Internet is very hard in this day and age...good luck.)

David Coley said...

I listened to Rhapsody in Blue last night. Nature dictates that I must watch Manhattan before midnight or I will turn into a pumpkin.

Scott said...

I just got a collection of 14 alfred hitchcock movies and since it's raining in NYC through saturday, i'm cooking and basking in the awesomeness of hitch! and as someone else mentioned, i've got "burlesque" on the brain today too. i keep thinking it'll be a pseudo-sequel to "showgirls," and if that's the case, then kristen bell is obviously playing the gina gershon role. can't wait for that!!!

Volvagia said...

I'm trying to write an original script. Ace guy in high school. The direction seems to be heading toward romantic dramedy, like Rushmore, Harold and Maude, The Apartment. Already wrote an adapted script about an ace serial killer. Best line so far: "The friend here? Arouse? Naw. I don’t know if it’s blood or holy light that flows through his veins."

John said...

Dianne Wiest.

I hate April. She's pushy.

Dimitra said...

Fish Tank, because I was listening to California Dreamin's earlier.

I want to watch Friday Night Lights and (especially) Tron:Legacy- *hint! Garrett Heldund obsessed-hint!*

I'm going to watch About A Boy now.

/3rtfu11 said...

Many have complaints concerning category fraud --- But where is the bitching over category filler? You know those nominees who are there simply because the Academy needs 5 eligible persons to cover up the one person, two persons, or at the most three persons race the acting categories usually turn out to be.

Derreck said...

A week? :( but have fun though. I'm itching for a vacation.

Cinematic wise....ish, i can't get the song 'Wicked Little Town (Reprise) out of my head. Don't know why. It's a wonderful song, but i watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch weeks ago and wasn't really moved by the film at all.

and i pretty much want to see 'For Colored Girls' this weekend, even though i have a serious love/relationship with Tyler Perry. I wonder what spectrum i'll fall on if see the movie.

Iggy said...

This is a bit of a rant. A few days ago Women on the Verge... aired for the nth time on TV, without commercial breaks and with a commentary on the movie afterwards with Almodóvar and Banderas. I had as much fun as every time I see it. But I can't stand Antonio Banderas, I really can't.

In most interviews he comes out as so full of himself (as opposed to the charming one you see in American talk show interviews), and so phony, from his fake I-want-to-recover-my-traditional-accent-to-prove-how-humble-I-am (accent I never truly had in my Almodóvar time) to his snobbish and condescending analysis of movies as if he thought that his experience doing terrible movies and phoning it in in most of them would've given the right to pontificate about everything and everyone.
It was priceless to see Almodóvar's reactions to Banderas analysing his cinema (kudos to the show for letting us see) eyebrow rising and all. He didn't refutate anything, they're friends after all, but it was truly priceless. One of those TV moments you can notice there's so much going on, but never fully appearing..

I don't know, I'm rambling. Other than that, I've found myself for months now, going back to old movies. Not necessarily classics, but those that used to air on TV much before no one ever thought reality and TV could even go together in the same phrase. That's my comfort area right now.

Middle-P said...

Watched funny girl for the first time last night...barbra was amazing....sitting pretty in my all-time top five lead actresses along with streep in sophies choice, burstyn in requiem, tayor in virginia woolfe and swanson in sunset blvd.

Volvagia said...

I can identify some filler in the past decade:

'00: Geoffrey Rush
'01: Sean Penn
'02: Michael Caine
'03: None
'04: Don Cheadle
'05: None
'06: Peter O'Toole
'07: Tommy Lee Jones
'08: Brad Pitt
'09: Morgan Freeman


'00: Christian Bale
'01: Jake Gyllenhaal/Steve Buscemi
'02: Matt Damon/Cillian Murphy
'04: Jim Carrey
'06: Ion Fiscuteanu
'07: Simon Pegg/Patton Oswalt/Seth Rogen/Cillian Murphy/John C. Reilly
'08: Heath Ledger
'09: Seth Rogen (Love or hate the movie, you can't deny he wasn't out-acting the entire cast of Invictus. My personal choice to fill the category, Chris Addison, was probably too small to have even stood a chance.)

Henry said...

Back to The Future returns for one more special screening this Saturday! Makes me feel like someone's gonna go back to 1955 and their mother will fall in love with them. Anyway, I got my ticket at my nearby theater to make up for missing the event two weeks ago.

Megamind will come later...

cici said...

This is actually the first time I've seen an interview with Nicole Kidman, and I've just gained some serious admiration for her. She doesn't say very much but when she does, she's just amazingly elegant and impossible not to listen to. I was like "oh, that's why she's a movie star".

JeanGrey said...

Lol if you are bored this weekend, might I suggest you go watch the ultimate movie star proving why she is the ultimate movie star. Last week my friend had me watch a bunch of Julia Roberts appearances on Letterman and they were so funny, charming and she was just radiating energy. It's what I think so many of these young girls are missing, that special star quality. A lot of them give good performances, but outside of the set they just don't have that special something. Some Julia Roberts/David Letterman clips to check out (no way anyone can watch these and not understand why she is a star):

The most hilarious

D said...

I'm wondering: what's the status on the long-rumored/long-delayed "Damn Yankees" remake, and what are the chances of getting Emma Stone cast as Lola? It'd be a bit of a coup, but I'd like to see it.

Volvagia said...

Emma Stone, The Devil's Seductress? I really can't see that.

Jones said...

It's Tilda Swinton's birthday! I can't believe she turned 50!

adri said...

I had one of those rare vacations recently too. No internet, no TV, no music, I didn't even use the phone or read a book. Nature and the great out of doors. When I came back, my face had a different expression, cool and distant, instead of "on".

However, going back to technology, I found I had temporarily lost my self-edit function (like losing one's sea legs). Great globs of half-formed stuff poured out.

Have a great time - it's strange, but fun.