Friday, November 19, 2010

Sally "I Beat Meryl" Hawkins

This video is part of the See Africa Differently campaign. It devolves pretty quickly into sly inside showbiz comedy courtesy of Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-Lucky).

My apologies if you've seen already but it was new to me. I was in Iceland. (Shhhh. That's my new excuse for every error I make for the next two weeks).

I'm quite excited for more of you to get a look at Made in Dagenham soon. It's quite sweet and easy to enjoy and it's aging well for me. I blame all those actresses in cute underthings and working girl frocks. But mostly I blame Sally who is really more terrific in it than she needs to be. I also think she has fine chemistry with her onscreen husband Daniel Mays, another Mike Leigh alum (think Vera Drake).

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adelutza said...

I have seen Made in Dagenham at a local festival and i loved it. Great entertainment and very touching. Both , Sally Hawkins and Rosamund Pike were great in it and if there were to be any nomination coming out of this, I would go with Pike rather than Richardson.

Tim B. said...

I hadn't seen that video either! Hilarious! Made In Dagenham comes out next Thursday for me, so after that and the preview before Wild Target tonight I'm just going to have to shimmy on down to the cinema.

OH and I saw in the cinema lobby a trailer for Burlesque, I couldn't hear it, but so much Cher!!!

Y Kant Goran Rite said...

I was terrified that Hawkins would fade into BBC telemovie obscurity after Poppy Montgomery, and I am ecstatic to be proven wrong.

I'll be honest - based purely on the synopsis, this movie looks like tripe. But as soon as I spotted Hawkins' grin on the poster, I melted. All of a sudden I can't wait to see it.

Also I was lucky enough to catch Sally on Broadway opposite Cherry Jones in Mrs. Warren's Profession. The play is dated, and Ms. Jones' British accent a tad embarrassing, but Hawkins was very very strong playing an anti-Poppy-Montgomery from the turn of last century.

So it looks like she might be around for a while after all. I'm quite excited about this. Just seeing her face on screen (or stage) brings me instant, indescribable joy.

Volvagia said...

It's not "Poppy Montgomery" it's "Poppy Cross."

Volvagia said...

Someone has to shift off. At this point, it's pretty much set to be for Sally Hawkins. (See: There's at least one real person performance in 9 of the last 10 Lead Actress ballots. And considering where Love and Other Drugs is with only 6 reviews, I expect it to settle somewhere around 30% on RT. Which isn't an Oscar nominee. And Conviction has faded quite a bit.)

Skip said...

Sorry if off topic, but "Mrs. Warren's Profession" is not a dated play. It's just an old play being given a mediocre Broadway production right now. Saw it in Washington last summer with Elizabeth Ashley and it was brilliant.


Y Kant -- i'm delightfully surprised too. I wonder what became of that biopic I talked to her about in my interview though (a political biopic but it wasn't Dagenham. I can't remember the name of the woman now.) maybe funding fell through?

cinephile said...

This africa video is brilliant: "You're not THERE. ..... A lot of directors do it..... in the cut, you'll know."

But Michael Sheen's is brilliant as well! "The Academy wouldn't agree with you" / "It's not just Frost's voice, it's an embodiment, and you're saying it's just a voice-- WOW" - Hilarious.