Friday, November 05, 2010

Cher Hits a Brick Wall

Over at Towleroad, I've done a brief review of 127 Hours.  I enjoyed a lot even if I don't think it's the masterpiece many are claiming. I also talk about the new dvd set Cher: The Film Collection. More on that collection later here at the blog. (I can't wait to watch these movies again.)

This is an actual cel phone snapshot from Soho here in NYC. They painted the Burlesque poster on a brick wall.


Anonymous said...

i just looked up this cher dvd collection on amazon. when will come back to the five and dime jimmy dean, jimmy dean be released on dvd?! i emailed criterion about it but they haven't wrote back. surprise surprise.

Philip said...

I heard Burlesque is horrid. Not surprised.

Jazz said...

Nathaniel!! i check your blog for the first time in days and i see this!! wow!! love it!
on a wall too! amazing!

i have all the dvds but i think i need this collection.

ps - for real WELCOME TO BURLESQUE is amazing!! her voice ...seeing it in vegas at her show killed me!!

i hope you enjoy it

Glenn said...

Welcome to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean is the one I'm waiting for. But now with Blu-Ray simply rereleasing stuff released on DVD, what hope to movies like that that never even got a chance on DVD (and that, let's face it, wouldn't sell many copies on Blu-Ray) of having them released now in any format.

Like, if they couldn't get it out on DVD, why would anyone release it on Blu-Ray? It's a more expensive format and a format that most people purchase a specific kind of movie on (is anyone buying Silkwood or Doubt or Cookie's Fortune on Blu-Ray? I doubt it. More likely Total Recall or Wizard of Oz or Transformers).

pomme said...

i don't know why but i think on Sephora when i see this poster

John T said...

Did anyone else see Cher on the cover of Vanity Fair? Awesome.

jazz said...

John, i bought it yesterday. I can't believe it's been 20 years since she was last on the cover.
What an amazing interview and STUNNINg pics
Can't wait for more promotion. and the songs are just fabulous from Burlesque.

Yes We need Jimmy Dean on DVD!