Monday, November 15, 2010

Now Reaching Dangerous Levels Of Cuteness


JA from MNPP here. How adorable are these pictures of Amy Adams on the set of the new Muppet Movie - for now being called The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made - with writer and Muppet-enthusiast (aren't we all?) Jason Segel, as well as the new Muppet called Walter that's making his debut in the film? (via)

As if Muppets aren't adorable enough on their own, they go and add Amy Adams? That Cuteness Heirachy that Nat did ages ago is gonna have to be updated.


Unknown said...

i love the muppets! and amy is adorable, so true. I need to mentally reserve my ticket for this one.

Volvagia said...

The one weakness of Forgetting Sarah Marshall: The "puppet lover" made no references to Meet the Feebles or Avenue Q. Only The Muppets. Sorry, but just because you like one set of puppets, doesn't mean you are a general afficionado. It's like saying "I love film" and then only mentioning a specific director's films.

Hayden said...

I'm really over Amy Adams. We get it, she can be cute and alert.