Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Curio: Odes to Harry Dean Stanton

Alexa here with your weekly art appreciation.

Craig's post about Harry Dean Stanton made me smile, something I usually do when I spot him on screen. There is something comforting about seeing that craggy face; like many character actors he has a changelessness about him. Maybe it's because he is usually just playing himself, something he has copped to many times in interviews. I soon wondered how many artists have taken on that distinctive visage. Here's what I found.

An illustration, courtesy of Richard Cardona.

A portrait of Harry made entirely from yarn.
Available for purchase here.

This one by Nick Craine is positively Lynchian.

Paris, Texas by way of Van Gogh, by painter Jack Goossens.

And finally, this is apparently hanging on Travis Barker's wall.



The Lynchian one is weirdly like both a painting and a photograph... is it actually only a painting?

Alexa said...

Indeed it is all an illustration.

Craig Bloomfield said...

Alexa, these are wonderful. Harry Dean curios are the best! Good work.