Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Off Screen Break. What's Going On?

Because sometimes, taking a wee break from the silver screen, helps you appreciate the movies more.

EW Lady Gaga is insane. Promises "Born This Way" is 'best album of the decade'. So no sophomore slump then, Gaga?
YouTube Madonna opening her Hard Candy gym in Mexico. I wish I could work out there. I obviously need some sort of dominatrix to push me if I'm ever going to get in shape. (sigh)
AV Club Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark first preview "no one broke their wrists or feet or died." Seriously, why do people keep hiring Julie Taymor and throwing money at her? How long will this Broadway musical have to stay open to even break even? 2018?
Band of Thebes best LGBT books of the year?
Vulture Hilary Swank developing a reality tv game show? Bizarre.

Or you can just consider this an OPEN THREAD. Lots of movie awards news popping up, yes, but WHAT ELSE are you thinking about right now? I'm watching Pee Wee Herman on Broadway as you read this! I know you are but what am I?


Liz said...

You know, I love supporting my local independent theaters, and I do so as often as possible. But, I have to admit that my nearby multiplex is SO nice. Plush reclining seats, an enormous screen, and flawless picture and sound. Plus a great selection of snacks. Not so much with the selection of movies, though, although they did manage to get "The Kids Are All Right" this summer.

Sure, it's a little overpriced, but I swear, this theater could make a shitty movie seem not so bad.

Arkaan said...

The Lion King remains one of the biggest broadway shows ever. The Green Bird is loved.

That's why Taymor gets hired.

Andreas said...

SO JEALOUS! Note to self: move to New York and see Pee-Wee Herman.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck inside by the winter watching Anthony Perkins in Pretty Poison. Sigh.

Liv. said...

well, if this is open thread;
i'm in the final stretch of my first semester of college. i've watched Clue twice in the past two days so as to procrastinate AND stay laughing through the stress. it's worked so far. we'll see about the next two weeks.

Unknown said...


Oh, and my local theater that does 12:01 screenings for all new wide release films every Thursday/Friday isn't doing one for The Warrior's Way... not that I mind, of course, because that movie looks atrocious IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Nathaniel, please go over to AwardsDaily, read the Oscar Bloggers' Roundtable, scroll down to Bona's moronic comment on animated features which he/she dismisses as "cartoons for kids" and "underserving of being treated like real (that's right, REAL) movies".

Then come back here and write a scathing, elegant, and ultimately devastating slam piece on how wrong and stupid such a statement is and prove again why you're the awesomest film blogger there is.



anon -- oops. i meant to contribute to that roundtable.

andreas -- it was fun! but i'm sure Pretty Poison is a worthwhile way to spend an evening.

Liz -- plush reclining seats. mmmmm

arkaan -- i know but how long can you live off of one show?

The Pretentious Know it All said...

The crew of friends wants to wait 'til SUNDAY(!) to see Black Swan...and they want to get drunk first!!!

Do I need to get new friends?

Daniel Armour said...

Thinking about why my movie years peak so early. I guess that's because I still lean more mainstream than independent; and since Inception and Harry Potter were my most anticipated films of the year, I have nothing that I'm truly excited to see. I mean I'll see all the (possible) Oscar Contenders as I usually do but the passion just isn't there.

I'm also curious as to why I'm not all that excited to see Black Swan. There's no doubt that I will see the film as soon as possible but it's more out of curiousity/hype than anticipation. This is extremely odd because I really enjoyed Aronofsky's last two films and I think he's very talented. It'll probably turn out to be really good but right now, I'm just not feeling the heat for it.

Derreck said...

Taymor's The Lion King is uh-mazing. Pure visual spectacle. One thing Taymor can do is visual, even if other things end up lacking.

In other news, i had no interest in watching Burlesque, but after hearing (and playing on constant repeat) 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' and hearing about Cam Gigandet's (who i've lusted since his days on The O.C) nudity, i just might have to buy a ticket. But i really don't want to. lol.

Plus, i was thinking how amazing Cher was on Will and Grace. From Jack trying to out-Cher Cher (and thinking she was a drag queen) to Cher being God in his fictional heaven, it was pure comedy gold.

and i really can't stand Gaga. that girl irks the hell out of me. i was loving this little break where she wasn't splashed all over the media.

Broooooooke said...

What do you guys think of Emma Stone for Best actress comedy/musical for Easy A at the Globes???

OtherRobert said...

I've been obsessing over Strangers on a Train recently. I meant to rewatch it right after The Simpsons Halloween special last year that did a spot on parody (completely with schoolyard merry-go-round climax) and just love how over the top it is. Tennis match! Strangulation! Carousel fight! Since The 39 Steps is (sadly) closing, perhaps someone can do a small cast adaptation of this film next? It'd be a hoot to see it unfold live onstage.


Broooooooke - that'd be a fun choice but they've unfortunately gone very Oscary in that category in recent years, forgetting the title of the category somewhat. I remember being horrified that Lindsay Lohan didn't make their list for Mean Girls in 2004. :(

Volvagia said...

Okay Lady Gaga, you believe that. Then The White Stripes will release the actual best album of the decade sometime around 2011-2013.

Arkaan said...

1. Lloyd WEbber's lived off of Phantom of the Opera for 20 years.

2. I think I might catch some Hitchcock (The Lady Vanishes) this weekend. Or maybe slip a DVD out of one of those Eclipse sets (Criterion, not Twilight) I keep buying.

3. Nathaniel, has the ten wide best picture slate made predicting more or less fun for you? I think it's hurt my enthusiasm quite a bit, actually.

Volvagia said...

Well...it turns it into less of a race. Having three pack-leaders and eight competitors racing for the other two slots is way more exciting than seven pack-leaders and six films racing for the other three slots.

Unknown said...

Random thoughts:

1. That picture of Shia LaBeouf in your banner has me feeling some type of way. LOL.

2. It may be just the editing, but Halle Berry looks promising in the "Frankie and Alice" trailer -- no traces of histrionic, "look-at-me-I'm-cuhrazee" antics (again, at least from what I saw). And Phylicia Rashad plays her mother, which brings me to

3. "For Colored Girls." The best way I can describe it is a beautiful mess. Tyler Perry's cliched, ham-handed filmmaking is almost totally redeemed by the talents of his tremendous female ensemble. Say what you will about him, he keeps our best, most underused black actresses working. You should probably see it. I would love to see your rankings of the performances. Of course, some are better than others (WTF, Thandie and Whoopi).


arkaan -- 3. yes, it's made it less fun for me. What Volvagia said about the numbers. It's just less competitive is all. I mean before it was 10 wide that 5th slot was so exciting. now the 9th and 10th slots tend to be a bit up for grabs but not totally exciting. Just, "yeah, they might like that one too" banality.

troy -- i do need to see FOR COLORED GIRLS. but then, I need to see all of tyler perry's actressy efforts. I'm always complaining that my favorite blacktresses can't get work and then i don't support his movies. which is a big hypocritical no-no of me. sigh. it's just that reviews always scare me off.

Silencio said...

so we thinking Gaga vs Kanye at the '12 Grammys? i really don't see how he loses this time. the story arc is pretty much complete.