Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oscar to Choose 3 to 5 of Ten Animated Short Finalists

"Let's Pollute"
The Academy have revealed the finalist list for Oscar's Best Animated Short category. Depending on how voting goes we'll see anywhere from three to five nominees. But the lucky names will be drawn from this entertaining list.

  • The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger (Bill Plympton Studio)
  • Coyote Falls (Warner Bros)
  • Day & Night (Pixar)
  • The Gruffalo (Magic Light Pictures)
  • Let's Pollute (Geefwee Boedoe)
  • The Lost Thing (Passion Pictures Australia)
  • Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage (Sacrebleu Productions)
  • Sensology (GAGNE International LLC)
  • The Silence Beneath the Bark (Lardux Films)
  • Urs (Filmakademie Baeden Wuerttemberg)
6 excerpts/ trailers and 4 full length finalists after the jump... See them for yourselves. Which will you root for? [Thanks to Movielicious for rounding these shorts up.]

Trailer for URS

Just an excerpt from MADAGASCAR ...unrelated to the American feature film! ;) The full short is 11 minutes long.

Excerpt from Bill Plympton's THE COW WHO WANTED TO BE A HAMBURGER. This one looks quite a bit different aesthetically than his usual films, which tend to look pencil sketchy but his shorts are often gut-bustingly funny. This is 6 minutes long at full length.

Brief excerpt for THE GRUFFALO. This is 1/2 an hour long at full length.

Trailer for THE LOST THING. 15 minute short.


Full Short DAY & NIGHT


Full Short SENSOLOGY. 6 minutes. 
(Gorgeous abstract musical visualizations)

Your verdict?


Bensunce said...

After one of the worst snubs in recent years -- I'm talking about The Cat Piano, one of the most gorgeous and haunting shorts I've ever seen -- I'm less enthused about the Academy's taste in this category. But I'll cheer for Day & Night nonetheless.

Andrew R. said...

I actually wrote a review on the available clips for the 33 semifinalists yesterday-they already announced the finalist list?

Biggest snub: My Name is Maria. It was eligible, it's available on YouTube, and it's a WOW. Watch it right away.

I predicted the 5 nominees to be: Day and Night, Tick Tock Tale, My Name is Maria, Animated History of Poland, and Wisdom Teeth.

Tick Tock Tale looked cute, My Name is Maria was wowing, Poland had the "historic" factor, and Wisdom Teeth got lots of awards.

I did think that Cow, Coyote Falls and Silence Beneath the Bark had a shot, and I also thought Sensology would be divisive.


1. Day and Night-the best known, and by far the best. Glad to see this make it.
2. Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger-it's gotten press here in the US.
3. Coyote Falls-so funny.
4. Silence Beneath the Bark-gorgeous looking.
5. Gruffalo-seems fun.
6. Sensology-the fact that it made it to the semifinals is big.
7-10. The other 4-they look boring to me.

James T said...

If there is a better animated short than Day & Night this year, then I'm afraid to watch it. I might not survive the joy!

Movies with Abe said...

I did my own search to find the films on YouTube after receiving the announcement. I missed "Day and Night," but I think I found the entire version of "The Lost Thing" (only ten minutes rather than 15, though). Is this it?


Nick Duval said...

The Silence Beneath the Bark sounds interesting.

Day and Night will gain traction from its status with probable Best Picture nominee Toy Story 3, but I found it to be idiotic/confusing and a short nowhere near worthy of preceding that film. Hopefully it doesn't get the award from just being made by Pixar.

anna said...

I liked "Day & Night" a lot, but "Urs" looks really pretty (the full short is online btw, but the quality is pretty bad, so I'll wait with watching it till there's a better version available). Also, it might be silly, but "Urs" gets bonus points for being a student project.

Mickche said...

@Movies with Abe.
That 10 min video is not the actual short film. If you look at the youtube description, you'll see that they are scanned images.
Having seen The Lost Thing short, i can definetley tell you it is roughly 15 min long and no that video.

Movies with Abe said...

@Mickche That's too bad. I didn't have speakers and didn't get a chance to listen to it. At least we still have a few to watch and trailers for the rest. I haven't predicted the short categories in the past, but with info like this, it might actually be possible to predict a decent percentage of the nominees.

ajnrules said...

Yey. I'm not the only one who felt that The Cat Piano got snubbed last year, and My Name is Maria got snubbed this year. That said, I've seen only four of the shortlisted films: Coyote Falls, Day & Night, Sensology, and Let's Pollute...in French. The ending to Day & Night got way too preachy, but it's still one of Pixar's best. Coyote Falls is good too, but standard Wile Coyote / Road Runner fare. Sensology was visually impressive, but the music didn't work for me. And Let's Pollute would be good if only I understood what the heck they were saying.

Here's hoping more would be posted as the other shortlisted films end their festival runs.

steolicious said...

nothing groundbreaking but I'm for LET'S POLLUTE.


steo- i love LET'S POLLUTE too. so funny even if i cna't understand the words. I approve this message.

ajnrules said...

I think the original version of Let's Pollute was in English, but somehow the version on YouTube was in French.

Anyways, I got to add The Silence of the Bark and Madagascar to the list, thanks to somebody on the Cartoon Brew who let us know that those shorts are online via the Fluxus site.