Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Two Men We Love

Both of whom need better movies but whatever. Ewan at least is doing okay for himself this year. The Ghost Writer is excellent and I Love You Phillip Morris opens soon. (Finally)

Hugh Jackman Ewan McGregor


SillySarah said...

Wow! I didn't realise that 'I love you philip morris' still hasn't bern out in the states yet-i went to see it ages ago and It was so funny! It's definately worth going to see! :)

Glenn said...

Have you seen Phillip Morris? It's one of those love/hate it movies. I suggest you try and see it with a crowd in the cinema if you can. Part of the fun is being in a room of people laughing hysterically.

Or it could be like my experience with Four Lions where I and two others were in hysterics and the others were either silent or only occasionally chuckling.

So, basically, you need to see I Love You Phillip Morris and Four Lions.

Anonymous said...

ewan mcgregor is funny and touching in i love you philip morris!

Andreas said...

I saw I Love You, Phillip Morris last night and was pleasantly surprised. If nothing else, Ewan McGregor is great; he's so cute, devoted, and long-suffering. I'll be curious to see how I feel about the movie after actually getting some sleep.

George P. said...

I was a little surprised Deception flopped at the time, since I thought Jackman would've been able to pull in more viewers. Then again, I still haven't seen that film.

As for Ewan, I'm glad I Love You Phillip Morris is finally opening in a week or so. I loved it the first time I saw it, and I hope to see it in theaters when it opens here.

Derreck said...

I don't get why Ewan isn't a bigger actor. Dude can do mainstream and arthouse with pretty much no problem. Plus, he's usually a bright spot in whatever he does.
He can also sing the underwear off anyone and oozes charisma.

He's pretty much the only one (well, i guess Ian McDiarmid too) that managed to actually rise above the material in the Star Wars prequels and he's open to taking his trousers off. Come on!

Ryan said...

i heart ewan!

recently bought "I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS" on amazon.co.uk. can't wait to watch it.

oh and THE GHOST WRITER was amazing! can't believe i missed it in the theaters. that ending... yowza!


derreck -- all strong points!