Saturday, June 07, 2008

Piggy Patent

Walt Disney, business savvy from the start, filed for a patent on December 30, 1933 for how he drew pigs. No really, I'm not making that up. And... uh... well, he got it. Patent number D91990, issued in April of 1934, stated that this was how Walt drew a pig. And you better not copy it. Um, wow. Really, just, wow.


Janice said...

Apparently L Ron Hubbard and the young, future trustees of Monsanto Corp. and McDonalds were taking notes. (In other words, with this little action, Uncle Walt pioneered much that is truly evil and wrong in this corporatized world.)

Jonathan Lapper said...

Patenting how to draw a pig? It's all just a little too controlling for my taste.