Monday, June 30, 2008

June. It's a Wrap

Everything disappears so quickly on the internet. So here's one last moment of fond remembrance for the month that was with my ten favorite pieces... in case you missed any (or suffer from IND (Instant Nostalgia Disorder) as I do.

01 No Country For "It" Girls -A wonderful illuminating pair of movies (Wings & No Country For Old Men) to kick off the new "Best Pictures From The Outside In" series
02 June Weddings perhaps I went too conceptual but I had a ball with the fine print. Hope you enjoyed it (and threw rice)
03 Mommy Queerest Nathaniel (on loan to Pajiba) on Savage Grace
04 A Tale of Two Kingdoms (by Tim on loan from Antagony & Ecstacy) intriguing. You can fit DisneyLand in DisneyWorld's parking lot!!! Who knew?
05 First Movie Star Crush? I love these comment threads. You're on
06 actual txt message warns of M Night Shyamalan's The Happening
07 Clara Bow the hotness and unique cool of silent film stars
08 Vanity Fair Retro 2001 this time. The "Master Class"
09 Stinky's Sex & The City Rant (on loan from StinkyLulu) I still shudder thinking about something of the things I read --even from normally thoughtful critics.
10 Thoroughly Modern Hillie Just Say No! Swank in cloche hats

(probably) coming in July: eventually this stuff has to get written... Josh Brolin preps for his W. role, another Vanity Fair retro, Moulin Rouge! (2001), Julia (1977), more revisits to Oscar's Best Pictures, Maurice (1987), "____" @ the Beach, contests!, Hellboy II, Sweet Bird of Youth (1965), A Touch of Evil (1958), Oscar chatter (duh!), Batmania with Heath Ledger, Chris Nolan and Christian Bale. Plus: Meryl Streep doing ABBA tunes in Mamma Mia!


rosengje said...

Did you read THR's review of Mamma Mia? There was some tossing around of the 'O' word.

elgringo said...

Oh, I so just posted my first celebrity crush!

Anonymous said...

have you seen state & main, nathaniel? i'd like it if you somehow did a post on that movie - it's great!

Anonymous said...

some sort of an "overlooked classics" segment? anyway.

Brian Darr said...

Oh, State & Main -- the film that made me swear off David Mamet. I saw all his films up to that, but it's gonna take some incredible reviews for me to go back to that well. And I used to love House of Games and Oleanna...

(sorry Melissa- I know a lot of people liked the movie much more than I did.)

You rocked June, Nathaniel.

Catherine said...

I'm gonna repeat Brian and say: You kicked ass during June!