Sunday, August 31, 2008

August. It's a Wrap

Erase any time you spent offline in August by catching up. (What were you doing, sunbathing? The Film Experience doesn't cause skin cancer. It's better 4 you) Here's 10 highlights from the month that was...

Rachel Getting Married
= Anne Getting Nominated
~ This better happen now that I've tooted the horn of my own good judgment (nails officially bitten)
Queens of Scream ~JA's chilling rundown of great horror performances
Manni Peddis with Marcia ~ How much do I miss NYC and celebrity spottings? Very much
Capra Corn and Math Porn ~ It Happened One Night is awesome. A Beautiful Mind not so much. I hope you enjoy reading this "Best Pictures" series as much as we've been enjoying writing it.
This Car Won't Start ~ I finally revved my engine for Final Girl's popular blog party

Kate's Oscars ... 1,2,3,4 ~The National Portrait Gallery holds at least four wonders. They're shiny (mostly) and gold (mostly)
What I Learned on My Summer Vacation ~ While Nathaniel was trying to save up pennies working for The Man, his guest bloggers filled you in on lessons learned in cold movie theaters
To Ruth ~Adam's lovely tribute to one of our favorites "The earth is my body; my head is in the stars."
The Olympics ~coverage was spotty (hey, it's a film blog) but I do so love the games
08th ~this bizarre and awkward series that didn't really excite you (I had fun!) concludes with a tribute to Persona

Nathaniel R in September
Things are in flux as you know. I'll do my best to return to full time writing --I'm anticipating regular programming and Nathaniel postings to resume shortly. Why must I speak in the third person? Why must careers and personal economies be so vexing? At the very September will bring us some festival coverage: TIFF & NYFF, the return of Julianne Moore in Blindness, and definitely more Oscar hijinx from the 90s: American Beauty, Shakespeare in Love and Titanic and the 1930s, too. Plus! Little Shop of Horrors (the second edition of "Musical of the Month Club") and more, more, more... of the To Be Determined variety. Stay with us.


Unknown said...

Hey Nathaniel,

Will you be going to Toronto? If so, let me know. Michael and I are going to be there!!!


i will not be there. (sniffle)


but i will either find someone to post guest entries (any takers?) or I will scour the web for reportage...


it's a holiday weekend [crickets chirping]

Runs Like A Gay said...

Hi Nat,

I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day holiday - I'm not commenting in your latest post as I don't want to look like I'm jealous because we in the UK are at work today.

Congratulations to you (and all your guests) on another great month - it's always worth logged on each day to catch up with your posts.

I just wondered if you're going to be updating the oscar predix this month or whether you'll be waiting for the dust from Telluride/Venice/Toronto to settle first?



my current plan is to provide more festival coverage than usual --i now I amply covered NYFF last year but I was skimpy on collecting tidbits from the others... mostly because I'm not there.

obviously new Oscar predictions will be coming by the end of the month if not sooner.

The Jaded Armchair Reviewer said...

Regarding the Blindness poster: Well now that's creepy but in a Premonition with a hint of White Noise/Pulse kind of way. Oh Julianne don't be like Sandra!

Unknown said...

I can send some short blurbs. I'll be seeing about 30-35 movies. I can email you the list and see what you think. I got most of what i wanted, but sadly, I didn't get WALTZ WITH BASHIR which is the one I most wanted to see.