Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'll Have What Anne's Having

<--- What is Anne Hathaway drinking? And more importantly, can I have some?

According to Tom O'Neil I drank her kool-aid a long time ago* (Apparently I drank it in that cheerleader outfit I keep stashed in my closet. Hey, don't judge. One never knows when Viggo Mortensen might stop by...) but I doubt this is kool-aid she's downing here. Cranberry & vodka? Ruby Red? The blood of young virgins to keep her looking 25 forever?

*he gets details wrong --I never once predicted an Oscar nomination for Nicole Kidman last year but the image he paints still cracked me up.


Nate Tyson said...

Man, Oscar pundit rivalries are springing up left and right. Must be the heat.

Hayden said...

Maybe it's just a glass of wine.

Whatever it is, she's adorable.

verninino said...

O'Neil seems kinda like a bitter yet longing ex: unapologetically remembering triflings half askew. I wonder what he's drinking.

Anonymous said...

O'Neil is a bitter, petty, freakish old queen who has no relevance anywhere.


anon as Tom likes to say "he wrote the book" I like Tom just fine... and it's tough not to have relevance when you have the big gigs like LA TIMES / KEITH ULBERMAN / RED CARPET ACCESS / E! and so on and so on.

but yeah... he did get the details wrong. The best Nicole ever did in my predictions was 7th place. in June... so obviously before anything real had happened. I never had faith in her oscar chances though i definitely had faith in her performances chances and i was handsomely repaid cuz she was SUPER in Margot at the Wedding

mmmmmm Nicole. Just thinking about her makes me smile from all the talent.

nate omg yes. i am so sweaty. I feel so disgusting. Please let FALL arrive. now.

Anonymous said...

Cranberry juice?

The size of her eyes still frightens me. I don't think she's entirely human.

Anonymous said...

cranberry juice....I have it all the time/

Janice said...

Cranberry juice would be a good guess - watered down a little or mixed with apple juice - that's too bright red to be any wine that I know of.

I read Tom's comments and wondered, "Is he a bitchy queen or what?" Still, the mental image is painted is kind of hard to shake from my mind. (And I agree with his assessment of the trailer, although I will reserve final judgement until I see the film.)

And anyone who reads this blog would remember that you did not predict Kidman for an award for Margot. (As I recall, you were actually shaking your pom-poms - sorry - for JJL before the film even came out. Your fondness for Kidman seemed to have been renewed after you saw Margot, however.)

Janice said...

OMG I finally got around to watching the Grace Jones video you posted - mind-blowing work of art. they ought to have that playing on a loop at the Museum of Modern Art. And so free of the "look at me" vanity of most videos. (Madonna should be taking notes - then falling on her knees before a true goddess.)