Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What I Learned on my Summer Vacation - Whitney

Whitney from Dear Jesus here ready to tell you all about what I learned from my summer vacation. 

Here's a list of some tidbits I learned from the flicks of Summer Oh Eight:

I do not like pants that travel. Here. Now. And forever.

Babies are kind of funny, but flopping 
Jason Segal penis is more funny.

I would like to see more CGI gophers on the big screen.

The killer-plant genre is not dead, but M. Night may have killed it.

It is possible for me to get the most psyched about a movie I've gotten in 10 years and then never see it...oh're still number one Fox in my heart.

Super-heroes are kinda cool, but they're way funnier when they're alcoholics.  (except when they're Hancock)

Bloggers might hate women, but they sure do love guys in makeup.


Anonymous said...

Why did I donate money if you're going to complain about the costs and send people to your blog?

Notas Sobre Creación Cultural e Imaginarios Sociales said...

Hahaha that last comment was priceless!
Ugh it made me remember how unfair people were to Sex and the City though, too bad they let misogyny keep them from good things.

Anonymous said...

Hon, you ain't funny nor witty.

Glenn Dunks said...

wait, who cristhian talking to?

I agree with Jose though. That last one is gold.


Anon - why did you donate? I assumed because you like The Film Experience. Thanks.

Cristhian... please be nice to the guest bloggers

Everyone -- i can tell Oscar season is coming because I can feel the negativity in the air. steel yo'selves: wheeeee (don't the ornery vibes usually start in like October?)

p.s. whitney i just watched the first half of Indiana Jones 4 and I never ever ever ever ever need to see a CGI gopher again in my life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was bitter. Went to to see Tropic Thunder and I walked out and then I broke up with my boyfriend 5 minutes later. Nothing against Whitney.

Anonymous said...

I like The Film Experience, so I supported it. I didn't realize you were going to pocket the money and send people to your blog when you don't update the site.

whitney said...

I don't understand what's going on...but thanks for the comments!


anon--the blog and the site are the same thing "the film experience" as written by me*... they're just in different places (which was a bad decision on my part 3 years ago)

*except for this month of course when guest bloggers have helped me out.

i love the idea that I'm "pocketing money" though for the site. God, that'd be sweet... turning a profit. The dream lives on!