Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pretty Damn Impressive

Keeping us in shape for Olympic month is Burt Lancaster. See this pic? Looks pretty good right? Sure there's a bit of a love handle there but still he cuts an impressive figure. Know how old he is in this picture? 55. It's a pic from The Swimmer which he made in 1968, in the days before everyone went to gyms and cut impressive figures into their fifties. For 1968, this is the equivalent of someone in their eighties looking like that today. Not bad Burt. Hope I look as good when I'm 55... in uh... um... like forty years from now. Yeah, yeah, that's right, forty years from now. [that should fool everybody]



i can't bear for any post to look this lonely without comments. But i'll I can say is

Mmmm-mmmm Lancastery.

Greg said...

Awwww, thanks for the comment. Just noticed it. You're the bestest host ever. Ever!