Thursday, August 21, 2008

Did You Come to the End?

I'm giving you one more week to read this month's book club selection And Then We Came to the End. I thought it was a great read personally though I should note that I have a few friends who disliked it. Arguments have already erupted chez moi. I'm happy to report that it was a great blind choice for the "Cast This" game as there's several really memorable contemporary characters to imagine portrayed by Hollywood's acting pool.

Have you read it yet? I keep seeing turning its pages on the subway and, ignoring that it's a bestseller, I'm pretending that they're all Film Experience readers and ready to cast accordingly. We'll do that on Saturday, August 30th.


Literature Crazy said...

I read it (solely for the TFE book club, of course) and loved it. Perhaps it's because I'm still stuck working in said office. Experience frames reading, I suppose.

(I'll see you on Saturday because I have some excellent picks.)

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

I read it a few months ago when it was first issued on paperback.

For the first half, I was loving it. But then, I think when it changed perspective, it lost me. I found myself skimming much of it.

I would have looked at it again for your blog, but I ended up selling it on Amazon. Maybe to another reader here!

whitney said...

I read it, too. Any chance I have to be in a book club I take. I'm nerdy like that. I really liked it.

Anonymous said...

I read it about a month ago on the beach. I thought it was a pretty apt look at office life (eerily so, as I work in a cubicle), but I would have appreciated some more in depth characterizations. My favorite part of the book was told from Lynn Mason's perspective (the boss, I think I'm screwing up her nams).

gabrieloak said...

I couldn't get past the first chapter of this very self-consciously written novel. I hate it when novelists try to show us how clever they are. Just not my cup of tea.