Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Book of Links

Where am I? Where are you? Help meeeeeeee
[Nathaniel is tired of being away from home, man, cat... and blog]

Defamer Seems that Richard Dutchmer, the kick-off auteur of that mini Mormon movie trend (and yes I saw one of 'em) is leaving the church. Damn! [expressed as in surprise rather than in the eternal damnation sense ~editor]
<---- Empire has teaser posters (of a sort) for Australia. But with Baz Luhrmann's Australia there's been so much teasing I think we're approaching extensive foreplay. Time to put out. Is it November yet?
Just Jared has three teaser posters for Oliver Stone's W. How about that tagline?
OMG! even Bruce LaBruce (Raspberry Reich) has made a zombie movie. The genre is officially oversaturated. Though since it's LaBruce we'll see it.
The Book of Lies Brad Meltzer's latest novel gets a trailer. Do you think we'll start seeing more movie trailers for books?
Sunset Gun
Kim Morgan remembers Coal Miner's Daughter

Michael Phillips on the odd language of MPAA ratingss
---> Wonderland Magazine has an interview with Miss Julianne Moore. Yummy new photos ahoy. I love this self-love for her red hair
she did dye her hair blonde for Blindness – the first time in her career she hasn’t opted for a wig. “I thought, ‘This’ll be fun,’ but I hated it!” she blurts. “I was bizarrely visible – people would yell at me as if there was a light shining on my head. The minute I wrapped, I came home and dyed it back to red. I was more strongly identified with my hair colour than I thought.”
..would that more Hollywood redheads would learn to love their own fiery self.
IndieWire TIFF lineup announced

To close, here's a gorgeous tribute to the ailing Paul Newman from the mastermind behind one of the best titled blogs in the 'sphere "And Your Little Blog, Too"


Anonymous said...

My one "don't fail" wish of the year, is Australia. PLEASE! Your named after my whole country!

I was all psyched until I found out the screenwriter wrote Derailed. DERAILED??!?! Im officially concerned.

Hayden said...

that's a lovely interview with julie.

Vertigo's Psycho said...

I wondered why I suddenly had more hits on the video. Thanks, Nathaniel.