Monday, August 04, 2008

(La) Gestation

You'd think after two decades of increasingly rabid moviegoing and several years of writing about movies, I would get used to the elephantine gestation period of the foreign-language film. From initial release in their home country to touring with the festival circuit to American release. It's so long. I can never wrap my head around it in a culture that's otherwise all about speed. Why do distributors consistently ignore the possible benefits of festival buzz and word of mouth --only to send the films out one sometimes two years later when few people remember the films existed at all?

Last weekend I was dreaming it forward about this coming October's New York Film Festival and then this trailer popped up on my radar. A Girl Cut in Two, a blackly comic love triangle from septugenarian Claude Chabrol, was one of the yummiest entries at last year's NYFF and it's finally seeing US release in mid August. I hope vous will see it.

Benôit Magimel, who you'll remember as Isabelle Huppert's lover in The Piano Teacher is a major thrill as a wealthy gadabout and his designer clothes are so natty. Ludivine Sagnier continues to be the most succulent dish in French movies --love that girl. The film might be up for some filmbitch awards at year's end now that it's going theatrical. You never know. Wheeeee or should I see "oui". A Girl Cut in Two premiered in Paris last August but never mind that. If you care they're finally giving you a chance to see it in America. Or at least in NYC.


J.D. said...

Ludivine is so inhumanly pretty.

The movie looks good, too.

Anonymous said...

Ludivine is walking sex. Pure. sex.

Dr. S said...

Yeah! I see that "Tell No One" is finally out in Ohio. I borrowed it from Lovefilm.Com over here in May, and I don't think that it was a new DVD release even then. Très strange!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nat for promoting Benoit Magimel.

He's been my man crush ever since Les Enfants du Siècle.

SO. said...

all i gotta say is that this is a very good blog.. thanks.

Glenn said...

And then add anywhere from a week to two years for them to be released here. Hazaa!