Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Linky Business

Colorful Animation Expressions dives deep into 101 Dalmations' frames
My New Plaid Pants less frightening: Happy Underwear Day. Mmmm Tatum
Club Silencio movie educators on each subject you might encounter. I'm so pleased to see Carrie's gym teacher within
Tom Cruise 25 Years (though he's been in movies for 27). This video edit from the Museum of the Moving Image reminds you what a ginormous star Tommy boy always was --and thus how sad the sprung leak behavior recently has been. He's leaking legacy. 'Plug it up. Plug it up' -- but it skimps on Magnolia. And given that that's arguably his best work...
And the Winner Is...
finally does first round Oscar predictions
Obsessed With Film Mark Ruffalo moving to directing? As long as he'll still spend time in front of cameras, thank you...

Inanimate Alice this web series is really absorbing and mildly disturbing... though I'm not sure why it upsets me. I haven't watched all the episodes yet
NY Post Project RunLoveway. I totally knew it. Caught that vibe
Huffington Post Scarlett Johansson on the recent e-mail sit'ch with Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

and the winner is... has charlize theron in the best actress category for the road!
this alone makes this site totally bad!


best actress? huh.

ha ha. she can't be in more than 15 minutes?

Billy D said...

Well, someone has a hardon for Australia (besides me).

I have to admit though, if Amy Adams is great, don't you think she could make it in for Doubt?

Jason Adams said...

I hope they've rewritten The Road so that Charlize is tagging along with them the entire time.


i've just never bought the Adams for DOUBT thing. Maybe because I know the play...and the role is so blah. Yes, they might have spruced it up but the powderkeg roles are the other three.

she'll make it if the film is one of those huge oscar things. otherwise i don't see how since she'd be the 4th most likely from the film given what the story is like. and how many films get 4 acting nods?