Friday, August 08, 2008

A Debut For the Ages

Hello everyone, Jonathan here again. Since everyone is watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight (that and the closing ceremonies are my favorite parts of the whole thing quite honestly) let's celebrate the Olympics and the Movies by remembering one of the most earth shattering, heart pounding, history making debuts in all of cinema: Bruce Jenner in Can't Stop the Music.

Bruce won Gold in 1976 at the Olympics but couldn't even get a Razzie in 1980 for his debut. He was nominated for Worst Actor but, alas, lost out to Neil Diamond for The Jazz Singer. Too bad because he was a hell of a lot more entertaining than Neil, and the Razzies, in the end, are about entertainment.

In Can't Stop the Music Bruce gets to show fear as he is held up by an old lady, frustration as he is hit on by Marilyn Sokol, and finally courage, as a lasagna spill forces him to take off his pants. It was Bruce's first and last feature film although he did plenty of tv work. And now, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, he's back on E! Entertainment's True Hollywood Story, as himself of course. But nothing will ever top Can't Stop the Music. It's the Olympian Cinematic Debut for the Ages.


Marshall said...

This is actually playing in rotation on one of the pay channels right now, I believe one of the Starz. Amazingly bad.

Anonymous said...

Even worse, The Village People play a supporting role in a film that's suppose to be about them.

Greg said...

Marshall - Oh I wish I had Starz now!

Greg said...

Peter - Village People, Valerie Perine, Bruce Jenner. Who's to say whose vehicle it was. It's odd now that any one of them would have a movie centered on them.