Friday, August 08, 2008

Eight is Great

See the date?
It's 8-8-08
Sounds great.
Let's celebrate!

8MM tanked, so did Eight Legged Freaks,
Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag, ran for 2 weeks.

8 Women was filled with femmes singing from France.
Hard Eight had gruff gamblers, all betting on chance.

Henry VIII bumped off Anne Bolyen,
While the Eight Men Out all schemed not to win.

BUtterfield 8 won a gold boy for Liz Taylor.
In 8 Mile, Eminem rapped and lived in a trailer.

Watch Dinner at Eight today and you'll laugh.
If not, wait 'till noon, then watch 8 1/2


elgringo said...

Today is my birthday! 08-08-08! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

48 Hrs. started the buddy flick craze
Eight Crazy Nights got Sandler no praise...

Great idea. LIke it a lot.


happy birthday el gringo!

NicksFlickPicks said...

I haven't seen the movie in forever and can't remember / figure this out: why is the U capitalized in BUtterfield 8? Everyone's got it like that (you, Time Out, IMDb...), but I don't know why.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Oh, duh. I got it. Stupid of me not to think of that.

Catherine said...

I'm still trying to get my heard around the fact that I (a dedicated and life long arachnophobe) paid to see Eight Leggged Freaks in the cinema. I put it down to peer pressure.

whitney said...

Yeah, don't forget It's Scott's birthday and he posted 5 great birthday scenes!

Anonymous said...

Was I the only one who watched Jennifer 8?