Friday, August 22, 2008

Linking For Mr Goodbar

MNPP Ewan MacGregor six times
People congrats to Portia & Ellen on their wedding
Socialite Life Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back together. Yes.
Rod 2.0 Jada Pinkett Smith's eyebrow raising Advocate interview
Lazy Eye Theater
shares a message from Thunderous Tom Cruise
Are You There, Blog? It's Me Stephen thinks Sharon Stone ought to throw her new man back into the dating waters

Bubblegum Aesthetics thinks on recyclable Pixar and WALL•E
From the Frontline
a trailer for TIFF entry Blood Trail, a documentary on a war photographer. That'd have to qualify as the most depressing job on earth I think.
Just Jared That People mag with Brangelina's twins = big big sales.
Cinema Styles Laurence Olivier @ 16. Well, no, not really... pre-Heights at any rate.
MNPP Looking for Looking for Mr Goodbar on DVD. I want this movie in high res, too. Keaton is superb in it. Even if Annie Hall hadn't arrived that same year she was still Oscar worthy.


Anonymous said...

I have not seen Keaton's other '77 flick, but everytime I read about her win that year, the film always gets mentioned. Must get on to seeing that film.

Nat, I think Keaton was also Oscar worthy in '81 for REDS.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but for some inexplicable reason Ryan and Rachel back together just makes me happy.


me 2 which is why i posted.

I really shouldn't care.

I do.

Janice said...

A big congrats to Ellen and Portia! I know, I know, we're supposed to be better than straights and yes, marriage is a screwed up institution but still - I loved seeing them on the cover, like any other celeb couple getting married (never mind that the marriage will only be honored in California and Massachusetts - for now) and I loved Ellen's outfit (thank God they didn't do the "two lesbians in matching tuxes" nonsense). I want one of those outfits - for my sweetie. She'd look perfect in it.