Friday, August 15, 2008

He's No Michael Phelps

...but I bet Joan preferred it that way. Although Franchot probably wished Gable had been a little dumpier.



EEK. movie i haven't seen alert. adding to queue on the basis of this still alone.

Anonymous said...

Question that I don't know where to place. I know that the site is changing and the oscar predictions won't be updated for awhile. I'm just wondering why you guys haven't mentioned Penelope Cruz's performance in "Elegy" as a possible contender. You have Ben Kingsley listed (albeit way down) but no Cruz.

I saw Vicky Christena Barcelona yesterday and hated it but I loved Cruz's performance. I think its finally coming together for her in American cinema: she's better at conveying emotion in English and directors like Woody Allen realize that Cruz's talent makes it worth having some subtitles in an American film.

Anyway, I haven't actually seen Elegy but the reviews almost unanimously say that shes fabulous. Just wondering...sorry for the rant....