Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Breakfast With... the Macleans

"Boy, something smells good out there."

A River Runs Through It (1992)

Brad Pitt always did have a great nose. Not only is it beautiful in form but it's fully functional! He's running a little late for an important family meal that seems to consist of huge slices of ham and grits (are those grits?). There's also muffins just out of the oven, pancakes, orange juice, milk and coffee. There's enough food for several families but his mom is Brenda Blethyn and she never exactly undercooks, does she? Food or performances.



Guy Lodge said...

Aw, sometimes I think I'm the only one who remembers this movie.

"A River Runs Through It" is my and my brother's film. We saw it together when I was nine and he was eleven, cried our hearts out then, and have watched it about a million times since, to equally soggy effect. It's probably about the uncoolest film that I'd label a favourite.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, did you check out that Farhan Akhtar is a director first and only recently started acting. His directorial efforts are actually pretty good. especially his debut movie as a director. of course they are all 3 hrs long lol. I hope you check out his movies as a director too.


KD -- i did notice that. I've never seen him in a movie or one of his movies but i loved him in the trailer*

*i realize how shallow that sounds. And I'm OK with that in a post dedicated to Brad Pitt's beautiful nose.

Anonymous said...

I really love this movie also....always chokes me up. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

LOOOOVE brenda blethyn but agree with your comment about her acting/food. Sometimes it's beautiful (SECRETS & LIES) borderline (ATONEMENT) or all over the place (LITTLE VOICE).

- Sean C.


sean... i'm glad someone caught that :)
and i agree... only you mean Pride & Prejudcie right?

Anonymous said...

What about breakfast at Pee Wees?