Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did you know that February is...

...National Bird Feeding Month? Well, it is. Feed the birds. Julie Andrews demands it.

Feed those birds. Feed them Tippi Hedren if you must, but feed them. Our winged friends need to consume half their body weight every day. (Ah, another excuse to throw The Birds into the DVD player. )

February is also Black History Month, American Heart Month and Chocolate Lovers Month but somehow I always get so tied up with Oscar that everything else that the shortest month of the year has to offer is forgotten. So here's to chocolate, birds, black history and Oscar winners.

Whoopi and bird

No, I have no idea where I'm going with this... sometimes I just start typing and can't stop. Plus I'm detoxing from Oscar and I never know where I'm going post that.

Do you? If so, help me!


Anonymous said...

well you were going toward that pic of whoopy, right?
I mean you got birds, black history and oscar all into one. I'm just missing the chocolate part.

Deborah said...

Holy crap, where'd you get Tippie Barbie?!

Agustin said...

taking advantage that its still oscar month cause i hate skewing from the subject and i totally forgot to mention
at the very beginning of the show, when they opened the curtain for best supporting actress, did anyone hear: HEY STEVE! OPEN THE CURTAIN!!!
i laughed so hard


deborah -- isn't Tippi Barbie amazing??? i wish i had one.

agustin -- i didn't hear that!

Anonymous said...

I'm late to this, but isn't it stupid to feed them more in one month than another? Ecologically speaking?

Anonymous said...