Friday, February 20, 2009

Red Carpet Lineup (Taraji P Henson x 8)

Taraji ("hope and love") Henson seems to be everywhere this season.

She went form fitting sexy for the Director's Guild, "busy" for the Producers, and got all architectural, if you will, for the Art Directors. Suddenly she was shiny and sassy for the Editors (does this mean she understands how important they are to any actor's success?). But then dull and simple for the Writer's Guild -- writers get no respect! Then sleek for the Costume Designers. She's like Queen of the Guilds. Only maybe she's not so sure about her newfound royalty yet since she seems to be having trouble moving away from anything outside the grey/silver/black family. Her color palette elsewhere doesn't change much either: SAG white, Golden Globe black, BFCA silver.

Can we get her in some color for Oscar? She busted it out for two NAACP events (left). How about for the Kodak? Can you tell it's my pet peeve that so many people dress in black for the Oscars? With 50% of the attendees in tuxes it gets a little monotonous. The ladies need to bring the color! Cross your fingers that she does. Pull focus, Taraji P Henson. It's your big chance. And if you're truly married to that season long subdued palette we've been seeing, go with the silver.

Shiny! Shiny!
How about you Oscar watchers... do you love the sophistication of black and white gowns or do you regularly long for eye popping color?


Anonymous said...

She's look good in red, but so many people wore that last year. Maybe a jade green? She looked so nice at the SAG awards.

Lucas Dantas said...

i'm a color guy.

black is my favorite color, it fits everything and it's oh-so-sober. but there are a million colors in this world and it'd be narrow-minded of me to just love one. that's why i get so bored when they all choose the same color.

Karen said...

If it were me I'd go for the classic black/gray gown. But outside of that I'd say periwinkle. Something like Freida Pinto's dress at the SAGS. It was beautiful!

p.s. Taraji did a nice interview with ReelBlack TV. I just posted it on my at

Anonymous said...

She carried off that shade of yellow so beautifully that I hope she goes for another really vibrant colour.

Deborah said...

All of those were wonderful dresses (and the pantsuit, too--fab!). Well fitted, suitable to her frame, great-looking, not weird. She can wear whatever she wants.

I love color. I love basic black. I clothes.