Monday, November 30, 2009

November. It's a Wrap

In case you missed anything in November here are some highlights from the 11th month of a year that is just whizzing by, as if time can't wait to bring us a new decade already.

Darren Aronofsky Robert's "Director of the Decade" series took on the man behind all those desperate addicts (to love, fame, drugs)
Oh, Suzanne-ah Meryl, Shirley and Dennis in Postcards From the Edge
Dolph 'the biggest one' Lundgren the kick off to the "birthday suit" series was a fun reminder of Showdown in Little Tokyo bad it's good.
2001 Top Ten the year of Nicole Kidman and Mulholland Dr remembered
"Honey You'll Hurt Yourself" Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

7 Word Reviews brief expressions of disappointment in Oscar fare
Beauty Queen Jose's beautiful ode to Julia as Erin Brockovich as we look back over each year of the Aughts
Landscape No. 2 Slovenia's Oscar entry
Curio Alexandra's series is making me wish my pockets were deeper. I must have those director coasters and those movie-fied barbies in particular
Nine You're forgiven if you think the Weinsteins have been paying me this year. So many posts. So much free advertising. I'm a desperate addict (to musicals, fame, actresses)

Coming in December: I'm not promising anything. We'll just try and keep up with all the precursor madness, top ten listings and continue the decade in review business... which will definitely stretch into 2010. Deal with it. Patience is good for you.


Andrew said...

I'm still waiting for a proper write-up on Nine... I NEED DETAILS!!!

Logan said...

I know its unlikely to return soon, with awards season and end of the year/decade stuff, but what ever happened to the "Best Pictures from the Outside In" series?


Logan... what happened is that there's three of us and it's proven very very difficult to align our schedules :( we're halfway done with the next episode but we seem to be stuck.

Carl said...

On the question of MIA features (I know...I hate it too when everyone is incessantly asking/bitching, except for some reason, no one is asking), will we see a scoring summary on the Actress Psychic contest before the end of the contest?

Lucky said...

I'm actually still looking forward to your 2008 top 10 list. I want to know what you think about Rachel Getting Marrid and Wall-E (I know you loved them, just wanna know why).

Janice said...

Will the birthday lists disappear in 2010? Forgive me, Nat, I know it's your blog - but the birthday lists bore me. They remind me of all the other projects (like the Best Picture series that Logan mentioned) and the wonderful write-ups and essays you might be doing otherwise.


it's always a matter of time.

i have to make a living and i don't always have time to do the more expansive projects.

and any group projects depend on multiple schedules. sorry