Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salt N' Pepa N' Linkerella

mmmmmANGELINA. Mangelina. I'm so curious to see Salt now that Jolie is staring me down from the poster (she does so more intimidatingly there -- the gaze is more benevolent in real life) and I'm reminded that Salt was originally written for a male star. Will we see any telltale signs of that gender-switch in the movie?

Oh link it, link it real good
MovieLine awesome composer Alexandre Desplat doesn't believe in holding his tongue. Doesn't approve of Quentin Tarantino's music
Old Hollywood Hedy Lamarr in ecstacy
Nicks Flick Picks finally gets around to "best actress 2008", both his own and Oscar's, but hot damn it's a good read. Plus: awesome comments section with heated / lucid opinions
In Contention Mélanie Laurent promoted to Lead Actress for Inglourious Basterds campaign
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Cinematical maybe you missed my tweet on the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA? Here's a whole interview.

C'est La Gêne I can't read French but I can read enough French to know that any post where you admit you saw Batman and Robin six times in the theater is a fun one. For French readers only I suppose.
i09 More Black Cat rumors for Spider-Man 4 and the internet's tendency to freak the hell out over them. It's gotta be that plunging neckline because white-haired heroines don't work out so well onscreen [cough*Gwen Stacey/Storm*cough]
mainly movies a personal top 100 of the decade
Birth of a Notion remembers Ben-Hur today, which happens to be its 50th anniversary


Andrew K. said...

I don't know what's up with that category placement for Laurent. Granted I didn't love Basterds as much as most, but other than Waltz I thought Kruger was the best in show...she and Laurent are obviously supporting. But oh well, whatever. She wasn't getting a nomination anyway.

And why the hell doesn't Desplat have that wretched Oscar yet?

PS. Nathaniel, did you see Kristin Chenoweth's movie INTO TEMPTATION? I'm seeing it tonight and refuse to check RT, but just wanted to know if you did, and what you thought.


i have not. i didn't even know about it!

Rahm said...

I don't understand why they would place Laurent as lead if they want even a chance at a nomination. I loved her performance, but I felt her role was more supporting.

Lead or Supporting she's still not going to get a nomination at least Oscar wise, she might get one at the GG.

BrianZ said...

A shock to see Laurent promoted to Best Actress. That will make the category that much tougher in my mind. She is fabulous in that film.

Dean said...

Anybody else think Weinstein is just doing this to free up the competition a little since he's already got all the Nine ladies plus Julianne Moore campaigning for supporting?


DEAN -- "bingo" to quote inglourious basterds itself.

Guy Lodge said...

Except putting her in lead puts her up against another Weinstein lady, Marion Cotillard. Poor Laurent is screwed either way.

From a performance perspective, keeping her in supporting would have been more sensible, I think.

cal roth said...

Go Laurent!

I love the performance, from what I've seen, it is the best female turn of the year.

Ok, not the best, since we've got the superb, compelling spellbinding and wonderful Carey Mulligan.

Maybe I'm too enthusiastic, but how can anyone beat her? Haven't seen Sidibe or Cornish, but Carey's turn is so magnificent that I really can't see anybody topping her.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I wonder what Angelina and so many actresses are going to look like 20 years form now, after plumping up their lips beyond repair. Really!