Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday Suit: You've Seen Demi's

The Birthday Boys and Girls of 11/11

1821 Fyodor Dostoevsky, legendary Russian author of Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov fame. So many movies inspired by his work. But he's not the legendary Russian author that'll be getting all the press this next couple of months. That'd be Leo Tolstoy, soon to be chattered about when The Last Station emerges as an Oscar contender.
1887 Roland Young, popular 30s and 40s character actor (Topper, The Philadelphia Story, Ruggles of Red Gap)
1898 René Clair, (pictured left), wonderful French writer/director. If you've never seen Le Million I urge you to rent it maintenant. His Oscar nominated films include The Gates of Paris (1957) and À nous la liberté (1931)
1899 Pat O'Brien --Ewwww, not that one people -- the actor! whose film career stretches alllllll the way from the 1931 classic The Front Page to 1981's Ragtime.
1901 Sam Spiegel, powerful producer. Boy was he on fire in the 50s bringing us On The Waterfront, Suddenly Last Summer and The Bridge on the River Kwai.
1922 Kurt Vonnegut author of Slaughterhouse Five
1944 Kemal Sunal popular Turkish actor

1960 Stanley Tucci enduring actor of stage, television and screen and current Oscar hopeful (Julie & Julia, The Lovely Bones). Looked very good in his birthday suit opposite Edie Falco in hers in the Broadway revival of Frankie & Johnny some years back, now. I love that play, don't you?
1960 Jackie Hoffman comedienne. Recently she made me howl with laughter in Broadway's Xanadu as an 'eee-eeevil woman'
1964 Calista Flockhart actress, Ally McBeal, Harrison Ford's girl, Kitty Walker McAllister. True story: I once went to The Vagina Monologues and Calista was in the middle of that horrific rape monologue and this guy two rows in front of me started to snore extremely loudly. I thought the audience was going to kill him. I wanted to. Flockhart never lost emotional focus and she was quite moving.
1972 Leslie Mann fine actress and Apatow player/wife
1974 Leonardo DiCaprio superstar

Finally, when celebrating birthdays, and especially birthday suits, you really do have to salute Demi Moore, turning 47 today, who has never ever shied away from celebrating hers. Not even in her mid-40s. Thumbs up.

Demi in the altogether in 1992, 2009 and 1996

If Demi were a musically gifted blond Scandinavian instead of a raven haired chick from New Mexico it'd be easy to imagine her as the truest reali life cinematic embodiment of Ulla ..."If You Got It, Flaunt It". I love immodest beauties and I love Demi. I only wish she hadn't made that short film Streak which was all preachy about loving your cellulite. Like she's ever had any.

...I have this sudden urge to watch her beat up Viggo as GI Jane.


mrripley said...

Nat,you like Demi nat,fave performance,can she act or is she just playing herslf in most stuff.


i came of age in the 80s so naturally the early stuff is my fav with her.

i think she's a decent actress but best as a celebrity.

5 fav performances:


Lorenzo said...

Hey, today it's MY birthday, first and foremost!!! Hahah... I was always half flattered and half annoyed to share it with Leo Di Caprio. I mean, I like him now, but back in his Titanic days...

MrW said...

Some more (including a few really big ones):
George S. Patton (*1885), a man who inspired one of the finest biopic performances we ever saw.
Robert Ryan (*1909), Oscar nominated actor.
John Guillermin (*1925), director among others of 'The Towering Inferno', 'King Kong' (the guilty-pleasure one) and 'Death on the Nile', one of the very finest all-star scene stealing competitions.
Bibi Andersson (*1935), whose failure to include is an almost criminal oversight by you.
Susan Kohner (*1936), Oscar nominated for playing the whitish daughter of the stunning Juanita Moore in 'Imitation of Life'
Vincent Schiavelli (*1948), character actor extraordinaire and Milos Forman regular, particularly memorable (to me, at least) for a showstopping performance in the otherwise blah 'Solino' (the only blah film Fatih Akin ever made).

lukas said...

I had forgotten Demi was so blessed in the butt department.

Who knew she had it in (on) her ?

mrripley said...

I like her in the juror.she seeems miscast in some things like scarlett letter and a few good men.

Andrew K. said...

Good God can Leslie Mann ever get a role other than the nonsense Apatow writes for her. Sometimes I'm convinced marriage spoils actresses. I still can't forgive Warren Beatty for impregnating Anette Bening and shutting her away from the world.

Calista Flockhart story...interesting



everyone sing with me....

Lorenzo said...

Hey thank you very much, Nat!!!

Birthday cards said...

I just love Demi Moore