Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Suits: The Blonde and the Bookish

Celebrating cinematic birthdays for 11/29. Which celebrity would you most like to spank today?

Blon: Diane, Anna and Cathy

1832 Louisa May Alcott wrote the oft-adapted Little Women
1895 Busby Berkeley, legendary choreographer/director. What would the early musicals have been without him?
1898 C.S. Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia which were made into unfortunately generic movies. He also wrote The Screwtape Letters which I personally pray will never see the silver screen despite Hollywood's efforts. Some books just deserve the undiluted perfection of their original form. Sir Anthony Hopkins played him in the weepy bio Shadowlands (1993)
1901 Mildred Harris, silent film actress and Mrs Charlie Chaplin (for a few years)
1918 Madeleine L'Engle prolific author, most famous for Wrinkle in Time
1931 Shintarô Katsu the original blind swordsman Zatoichi
1932 Diane Ladd, if you don't love her Oscar nom'ed performances in Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Rambling Rose and Wild at Heart, well... what's wrong with you? Please also thank her for birthing Laura Dern
1954 Joel Coen one half of the dynamic duo, the half that's married to Frances McDormand
1960 Cathy Moriarty, Mrs Raging Bull and hilarious Soapdish vixen

1962 Andrew McCarthy, 80s star who specialized in treating Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy and dead employers like shit
1964 Don Cheadle, porn star, hotelier, War Machine
1964 Tom Sizemore tough guy actor, 90s regular
1976 Anna Faris, actress, House Bunny, Cameron Diaz mocker

And finally Lucas Black (pictured left) turns 27 today. He was somewhat famous by the age of fourteen (Sling Blade) and continued to prove his skill and solid screen presence as he grew up (All The Pretty Horses, Cold Mountain, Jarhead). He's at a highly castable age now. Come on Hollywood, where are the leading man tryout roles? I'm not sure if The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift counts ...but then, I haven't seen it. Perhaps he botched his chance? Or maybe the film done him in?


MrW said...

One giant in his own right you left off the list: Yakima Canutt (*1895 - born on the very same day as Busby Berkeley, and successful in a very similar profession), stunt man, action director (preferably when horses were involved), Honorary Oscar winner. He's the guy who staged the chariot race scene in the 1959 'Ben-Hur' (aka: The one scene that made 'Ben-Hur' the classic movie that undeniably it is).

Andrew K. said...

Well marriage to Frances makes him the better half - or at leas the luckier one.

It's a pity there's never been an outstanding adaptation of Little Women...even the original 32' version wasn't as good as could have been. They should make it into a miniseries. I suggest Carey Mulligan.

par3182 said...

lucas black all grown up...i feel kinda dirty

Magicub said...

Keep doing this birthday thing

Andrew David said...

Don't rip on the first Narnia film... at least it introduced us to James McAvoy, and showed us that Tilda was show-stopping no matter what movie she was in.

Robert Hamer said...

You thought The Screwtape Letters was "perfection"?

Paul Outlaw said...

Fortunately, Band of Brothers & Bright Young Things introduced me to McAvoy, seeing as I put off the inevitable Narnia disappointment as long as I could.

Bailey said...

Mmmm, Cathy Moriarty - love that saucy bitch. The face of a screen goddess with the voice and attitude of a pit bull - LOVE.

The Narnia books were a favorite from childhood, and I'm with Nathaniel - the movie(s) were crap (I did not even finish Prince Caspian). Disappointing.

Andrew McCarthy really is a dick in everthing he plays, isn't he? Typecast, perhaps?

I know it's hard to take her seriously, but I really, really like Anna Faris. I think she's really funny and pretty and is able to do things other than "House Bunny" and "Smiley Face" comedies.

notanotherblog said...

Lucas Black was in Cold Mountain? Anyway, my first taste of him was from Jarhead so I don't feel guilty about lusting on him at all!

notanotherblog said...

P.s. It's his Southern accent - he refuses to drop it. I'm wondering if the studio system would have helped him.

Guy Lodge said...

@Drew: Well, us Brits had already been introduced to McAvoy via his ace TV work. (And even though the film is best forgotten, he kind of walked off with "Wimbledon," didn't he?)

FrenchGirl said...

good for me!
now i know who he's the lead player of "tokyo drift" and i saw three times the movie LOL

Anonymous said...

Sling Blade and Oprah. On a date.