Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Curio: Those Aren't Pillows

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here sharing a little Thanksgiving cinema goodie. Planes, Trains and Automobiles captured the purgatory that is holiday travel; watching it is a great Thanksgiving tradition. I know some may think its signature scene is homophobic, but I don't think so: it just shows two men who really don't want to get to know each other that well, in a situation of awkward, forced intimacy. Sort of how I feel at holiday gatherings with most of my extended family. So I thought it only fitting to feature these this week, in celebration of holiday togetherness:

Wouldn't it be great to have those overnight guests of yours sleep on these? You can buy them here. Save 'em for next year.



in my opinion there can never be enough pillows.

this is one of my favorite things about staying in hotels. ample fluffage, pillow division

richard said...

it never once occurred to me that the scene in question could be considered homophobic, and i'm usually on the lookout for that sort of thing. the movie isn't laughing WITH the characters, it's laughing AT them. but beyond that, the characters are so well drawn that we're not laughing at the notion of gayness, but the notion of THOSE TWO SPECIFIC MEN in bed together. i love that movie. thanks for reminding me, i'm gonna watch it later today.