Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Suits: ABBA Alert!

Celebrating cinema-related birthdays of the day. Is November 15th your special day?

1879 Lewis Stone star of the only lost Oscar Best Picture nominee, The Patriot (1928). No, you'll never see 100% of the Best Picture or Best Actor nominees. Not even if you try
1932 Petula Clarke singer/actress
1937 Yaphett Kotto actor
<--- 1945 Anna Frid "Frida" Lyngstad, my favorite member of ABBA. I love her so much I'm letting her wear a jumpsuit instead of the traditional suits favored in these posts. ABBA's flamboyant fashion sense could never be contained! [see also ABBA: The Movie recap]
1951 Beverly D'Angelo actress
1957 Ray McKinnon actor, best known for Deadwood on HBO. He's currently in movie theaters doing fine work in That Evening Sun. And, surprise, he's actually an Oscar winner already having won the Best Live Action Short Film category in for his directorial debut The Accountant (2001)
1972 Jonny Lee Miller, actor, Trainspotter, Angelina survivor, Friend of Jude, visionary lawyer.
1976 Virginie Ledoyen French actress to whom I am largely indifferent and, thus, a rare creature indeed. Well known films include The Beach, 8 Women, Bon Voyage and The Valet.

Finally, Georgia O'Keeffe the artist was born 122 years ago today. No one but Pfans will remember this but Michelle Pfeiffer wanted to portray the magnificent vagina flower-loving icon for many years. She never did. Instead we had to wait until this year when Joan Allen took a crack at it for Lifetime Television. I love Joan Allen but the poster alone, which photoshopped all the life from Joan's wonderful face until she looked positively doll-like and disturbing (why?) stood like a threatening "Beware of TV Movie" sign. But O'Keefe did have a bio worthy life. Did anyone dare that basic cable experience? If so, tell us what you thought.


TheQuestionMark said...

Not related to birthdays but only C/C+ for "A Single Man"?!?!? But, then again only C+ for "Antichrist". I hope to love "A Single Man" as much as I loved "Antichrist"...


you might. apparently i'm off consensus on those two.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the Joan Allen/Lifetime program about O'Keeffe. However, there was an excellent PBS play (American Playhouse series) "A Marriage: Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz" aired in 1991, starring Jane Alexander and Christopher Plummer. Jane Alexander and her husband Edwin Sherin had been attempting to produce a small budget film about O'Keeffe (and Alexander met with O'Keeffe), but they went with the PBS production instead. Unfortunately, the PBS play has never been released on commercial video, but copies can be found on the internet.

mrripley said...

What has happened to joans career?

MrW said...

Today is not only Virginie Ledoyen's birthday, but also her '8 Women' director's François Ozon (*1967). Other directors born this day would be Peanuts' Bill Meléndez (*1916), 'Christ Stopped at Eboli's Francesco Rosi (*1922) and 'Cocktail's and 'Thirteen Days' Roger Donaldson (*1945).

Also: Sam Waterston (*1940), Oscar nominee for 'The Killing Fields', and Enzo Staiola (*1939), who became the heart and soul of one of cinema's greatest masterpieces (very likely on my list of the Top 10 Films ever made) at age 9.

Unknown said...

I KNEW I liked you, but now I LOVE you. Frida is my favorite ABBA member as well - best voice, best stage presence, and of course much prettier than all the other three. :-) And your review of ABBA:The Movie is fab - I'm a true fan like you and couldn't help but laugh my way through it. :-)

Rebecca said...

I love that picture of Jonny Lee Miller. It's representative of the 90's in movies for me, and I like to think that even people who don't know who Miller is, or haven't seen 'Trainspotting,' still find that photo familiar.

Alexis said...

ABBA and Georgia O'Keeffe in the same post!! I LOVE IT!

Nasim said...

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Yancey said...

Joan Allen was great in "Georgia O'Keeffe" and will get an Emmy nod for it. Jeremy Irons matched her toe-for-toe too and should go lead. It's too bad what Joan's done to her face though, but the performance is worth seeing.