Wednesday, November 18, 2009

F&L: Banter

first line
"Wh--wh--what is this having-a-picnic shit in my car?"

last image before the credit scroll

Can you guess the movie?

Highlight for the answer: BAD BOYS (1995) de Michael Bay


TRad said...

Bad Boys?

Flosh said...

yeah, looks like Bad Boys to me.

It's Cold Outside said...

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha you gonna do, whatcha you gonna do when they come for you!

Remember it's song "Shy Guy". They don't have big blockbuster songs like they used to anymore.


Bad Boys it is. Figured I should surprise y'all with a Michael Bay movie.

not a pleasant surprise maybe but i gotta keep ya on yer toes

Derreck said...

haha, i got it when i saw the last frame, but i never expected it.

M said...

Bad Boys. Even watched it again last night.

Glendon said...

Ha, why is this the one I recognize right away?

onelisa said...

I finally knew one, but alas i was too late!