Friday, November 20, 2009

Sometimes I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion


JA from MNPP here, doing the 2001 thing, briefly noting a flick from the year that left a bit of an impression on lil' ol' me. Yes, Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko. I can and have - seriously I have, click here to see - list a bunch of reasons why I believe this movie's too cool for school, but it really, the essence, it all boils down you see to that delightful line uttered there above. Sometimes Beth Grant doubts our commitment to Sparkle Motion. Sometimes I doubt our collective commitment to Sparkle Motion.

But then I pop in a cassette tape of "Head Over Heels" by Tears For Fears and I contemplate how exactly one does suck a fuck or what the sex lives of Smurfs are all about or if "feces" means "baby mice" or whether "cellar door" might just be the most beautiful phrase in all of the English language and so I poke my finger into a hole in the eyeball of a metal-faced rabbit-man that represents the fabric of space and time itself and I feel a little more, a little less, complete. Why am I wearing this funny man suit anyway? It's like child-proselytizer Jim Cunningham put it best:

"Is that all the gusta you can musta?"


Dean said...

Brilliant dialouge.

Jason Adams said...

The film is sloppy to be sure but there's so much greatness within it (I didn't even get into the wonder of Mary McDonnell's sly side-eye performance as Rose, always tipping a wine glass back) and I couldn't have made it through the decade without some of these lines of dialogue. They've brought me more joy than nearly anything else. I'm not gonna argue that DD is a Great Film, but it's one bursting with ideas and energy and fun and beauty and that's great in its own way.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I do honestly think that Mary McDonnell gave the best supporting actress performance that year, closely followed by Helen Mirren (Gosford Park), my favity fave actress ever Maggie Smith (Gosford Park) and my third favorite actress ever, Beth Grant (yep, Donnie Darko). I don't know who would fill my fifth slot, though. I need to see In the Bedroom.

Anyway, I love this movie, and a midnight screening at the student-run theater at my school helped to rekindle that lovin' feeling. Plus, Seth Rogen. He likes Jena Malone's boobs.

Bailey said...


That quote is an all-time favorite among me and my friends! Sparkle Motion is truly a random pop culture reference for the ages.

Love this movie. Love Jake. Love Maggie. Love Mary. Love Jena...and Drew...and Patrick (RIP)...this movie really had a lot of people in it, come to think of it.

I am fully convinced Beth Grant is a crazy bitch in real life, and I love her for it. She always has this wild energy about her every time I see her in things. Loved that saucy Alison Lohman (she needs to be in more) conning her poor sap ass in Matchstick Men.

Cherita Chen said...

Chut up!