Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halfway House: Merryweather Knows Best

halfway through the day we stop a movie halfway through. What do we see?

37 minutes into Sleeping Beauty, one of the greatest fashion decisions in all of filmdom occurs. Behold the wisdom of Merryweather.

So much better.

If the cinema had existed in the 14th century Merryweather would have become the next Edith Head. If only she could serve as a judge on Project Runway.


Rizz said...

hehe...yeah she would always be like...I like where you were going with this but another color would be
nice,a shade of blue perhaps...:)

Andy Scott said...

That shade of pink the animators used was god awful. The new pink they have for the character is much better:



Andy -- I CAN'T EVEN CLICK IT. I despise that flora (or was it fauna) won out in the end and Disney has decided that Aurora is a "pink" princess. it makes me so crazy.


Andy Scott said...

You gotta highlight and copy/paste.

But in the movie, definitely BLUE but in ads and stuff, PINK.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Great post... I used to collect all things Sleepy Beauty, but only if Aurora was in blue. Definitely, Make It Blue!

Hayden said...

Well, the blue looked like a sexier version of Cinderella's dress.


andy what i meant was I WON'T click it ;) i can't look at the pink when i should have blue

anon 1:28 exactly.

cinema adventures said...

I LOVE this movie. Just watched it again recently for the first time since childhood. I think this and Alice in Wonderland are my favorites of the classic Disney era. They are each so unique compared to the other gems. My 4-year old niece also loves Sleeping Beauty and it warms my heart.

Jim T said...

I've always prefered blue as that dress' colour. But Maleficent is the sex bomb of that movie!

Jim T said...

I just saw Andy's linked pic. The dress looks good because everything else is blue. ;)

Are you the Andy who abandoned his site (child :p)? Don't get me wrong, I'm just asking.

CrazyCris said...


Sleeping Beauty was my favourite movie as a child (and still one of my favourites now)... but much as I loved all things Sleeping Beauty... I refused anything that had Aurora in PINK! ugh!!!

definitely BLUE!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Merryweather is a genius, and one of the greatest Disney characters of all time.

"Make it BLUE"

Andrew K. said...

Heee. I guess it's because I'm a boy, but yeah the pick was wretched awful. I always pretend that Maleficent and the perfect Merryweather are the stars of the film. I mean I like Aurora fine [I know Nathaniel does]...but she's so...shall we say...demure? As in silent!!

Tim said...

I don't wanna be no blog whore or nothing, but in two days' time I'll be putting up a Sleeping Beauty review that will probably go to around 3500 words, since I have apparently run out of this "discipline" thing people talk about.

Sneak preview: yay blue, yay Merryweather, and Flora can go to hell with her smug, "I know everything about everything" pink-loving bullshit.

JoFo said...

A beloved childhood favourite for sure, and still is. I still watch it all the time. My sister and I used to scream at the TV during the last scene where her dress keeps changing colour. Her yelling 'PINK!' and me yelling 'BLUE!'. We would watch carefully to see what colour it was in the FINAL frame of the film to see who won... I say its blue.

Do the next first and last on this one and we'll see!

Robert T. said...

It rattles me when they put Aurora in the pink dress for merchanise. I refuse to buy anything in the pink dress. She wears the blue dress exclusivley in the movie except at the end when it changes colour.