Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks Giving and Beloved Turkeys

Wishing you and yours the best for the holiday tomorrow. If you're travelling today, be safe. If you're trying to lose weight, sorry! If you aren't American, please pardon the slightly hijacked programming.

Over the holiday break, there will be posts. I've asked TFE contributors to give thanks for their favorite cinematic whatsis of the moment or to honor beloved turkeys. The other kind of turkeys. Not that you wouldn't eat a deliciously bad movie if you could. After years of obsession I don't so much regard Showgirls (1995) as a bad movie to love but a genius movie that only wears gaudy clothing and talks trash to be bad. So my favorite bad movie of all time is undoubtedly the Olivia Newton-John rollerskating musical Xanadu (1980), so if you haven't read that piece, click here.

Happy Thanksgiving



Andrew K. said...

Are Jim Carey movies bad movies? I don't know though, Jennifer Tilly in Liar, Liar always brightens my day.

PS. the picture of Juliette eating her plum plum. I think I'll go watch that.

Alexa said...

Love the collage. Although I don't know if Mommie Dearest is as much of a turkey as Battlefield Earth...but hey, they can both sit at the same table, why not?

Uncle Gustav said...

I love Xanadu.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bailey said...

Love Showgirls AND Xanadu (loved Xanadu on Broadway, too - so hilarious!). What is it about Showgirls that makes it so amazing? The name 'Nomi Malone'? Lipstick nipples? "Ver-sayce"? Neon palm trees around pools? The world may never know.

I gotta throw a shout out to "Heartbreakers" for this post lol. SigWeave and JLove actually have good chemistry, and I have always secretly thought Ray Liotta was the hotness. That move is so bad but I love it and watch it every time it's on TV.

Billy Held An Oscar said...

I just fell in love with Olivia Newton John all over again.

Chris Na Taraja said...

When Gene Kelly died, i remember seeing a paper that said "Gene Kelly Star of Xanadu dies". Can you believe it!

Not "Singing in the Rain", not "American in Paris", not "On the Town", not even "That's Entertainment!", but "Xanadu"!!!! is nothing sacred?


Billy that clip will do it every time!