Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Suits

Your filmic birthdays for 11/25
1914 Joe DiMaggio, center fielder and Mr. Marilyn Monroe, albeit briefly
1920 Ricardo Montalban "Smiles everyone, smiles." (sniffle)
1933 Kathryn Grant, aka Mrs. Bing Crosby, whose film career was spotted with famous stuff (Rear Window, My Sister Eileen, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad) but less than a decade in length.
1947 Jonathan Kaplan, director of 80s & 90s actresses (Bad Girls, Love Field, The Accused, Heart Like a Wheel) who now only works on TV
1947 Tracey Walter, character actor
1960 JFK Jr., prince of Camelot, dater of actresses, magazine entrepeneur. I loved George back in the day. Remember that?
1965 Dougray Scott, the almost Wolverine (Mi:II, Enigma, Dark Water)
1984 Gaspard Ulliel, French looker. Also acts.


Anonymous said...

what about christina applegate?


MrW said...

Odd, how some dates seem to be full of famous people celebrating birthdays and others are rather dire. (Tomorrow's biggest name seem to be Tina Turner and Robert Goulet - unless you'll be able to find someone I'm overlooking.)

As for today, besides Remy' s suggestion of pumpkin (*1971), I'd also throw in Russian actress Nonna Mordyukova whose great performance in 'Komissar' was locked way for two decades.

Bailey said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to Sue Ellen Crandall as well! I mean, Christina Applegate! hehe Girlfriend is still going strong after cancer and a double mastectomy, and she has genuine talent and comic timing in addition to being so pretty. LOVE her!